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Welcome to Cedar!



Summer term science


For science this term we are going to be comparing lots of different plants and finding out how they grow. We had lots of fun looking for different plants on our school field and finding out about the different parts of them. 


Cedar class looked brilliant in their world book day costumes. We had lots of fun sharing books, writing book reviews and discussing our favourite characters :)

Picture 1


We have been testing different types of gloves to see which material is best for different things. We have been experimenting to see which gloves keep you warm, which are the strongest, which are waterproof and which are best for picking up tiny things. 



Cedar class and Beech class have been helping each other to research facts about grizzly bears as part of our Alaska topic. We used QR codes and the iPads to get our research from different websites. We are going to use our facts to do some super non fiction writing! 

Maths puzzle day!


We have had great fun doing lots of puzzles as part of our maths problem solving day. Some of them were quite challenging but we all worked well as team to be able to solve them! :)

Year 2 PE


Year 2 have been enjoying practising yoga moves as part of our PE lessons. We think that it helps our muscles to stretch but also makes us feel relaxed and clam :)


We have made some fantastic Anglo Saxon Brooches out of salt dough. We had lots of fun kneading the dough and making the patterns. Then we had even more fun painting them!



We had a great time on our school trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village! We got to explore lots of different Anglo Saxon village buildings and look in the museum at all of the artefacts. 



We have been learning about the changing seasons and have been exploring our school field and playground for different plants and animals. We are going to do the same in winter, spring and summer to see how our environment changes over time.

Autumn 2017


For literacy this term we are learning about Myths and Legends so we have been searching for dragons around our school! We found lots of evidence that there had been a dragon on our playground and on our school field. Mrs Skippins made sure that we were protected with fire proof spray and we made sure we collected as much evidence as possible. Take a look at our pictures to see what we found.