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Autumn term curriculum map 2018-2019

Bah Humbug!


Last week we performed our play Bah Humbug! It is based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We worked really hard and had an amazing time! 

The Secret Garden Trip


We went on a trip to The Secret Garden! When we got to the gate we had to search for the hidden key, luckily someone spotted it under some leaves. When we went through the large, wooden gate we all imagined that we were Mary Lennox from the story and imagined how she felt when she first discovered the garden.


Once we were inside, we worked in groups to create freeze frames of Mary discovering the garden. After that, we explored the garden and recorded things that we could see which would help our creative writing when we returned to school.


Just before lunch, we went on a treasure hunt to find hidden parts of a story text which described the setting of the garden.  Once we found all the missing pieces, we put it back together and performed the text, using the actions we had learnt at school earlier that week. 


It was a great day out!



In Art, we have been studying the artist William Morris whose work was very popular during the Victorian era. We had a go at using a viewfinder and sketching some of his designs.


The children have been learning how to create their own question and quiz game using algorithms on Scratch 2. During this lesson, the children began to edit their Sprite characters using  effects, costume and size commands and blocks.


Trip to Colne Valley Railway


We went on a school trip to Colne Valley Railway as Victorians! We watched a Punch and Judy show which was very funny! We learnt lots about how the Victorians created the railway system in England and even got to ride on a train where we met Queen Victoria! We also had a lesson from a Victorian teacher who was very strict! 

Place Value


We have been learning all about place value in Maths. Year 3 have been learning about numbers to 1000 and Year 4 have been learning about numbers to 10,000!  We have been making physical numbers to order numbers and using a range of concrete resources to understand the value of different numbers.



We have been practicing our place value skills on Mathletics. This has also helped us to develop our computing skills as we have logged onto the laptops and opened the webpage independently! 

Our First Cello Lesson!


Today we had our very first cello lesson! We learnt how to unpack and pack away our cellos. We also discovered that the cello has four strings, A, D, G, C. We used the mnemonic 'All Dogs Get Cross' to help us remember the order. We're very excited for our next lesson already!