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P.E. and Sports

Some posters that I hope will encourage everyone to enjoy their PE

The children in Keystage 2 are all working on stamina and agility.


They all run at least 3 laps of the field before taking part in a circuit training session. In each session the children work in pairs, taking it in turns do the station they are at for 30 seconds while their partner counts how many reps they do. By working in pairs it encourages healthy competition. 


Year 6 Larch Class

Beech Class getting back into the swing of PE

Elm Class 1st PE lesson

To start off with children in Elm class master movement so for their first PE lesson they played a mixture of jumping through the hoops and the old playtime favourite of Rock, paper, scissors. This helps them develop team building skills, hand eye coordination and physical movement all in one fun filled game.