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Home Learning Suggestions - Week Beginning 13th July

Home Learning Suggestions - Week Beginning 6th July

Home Learning Suggestions - Week beginning 29th June

Home Learning Suggestions - Week Beginning 22nd June

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 15th June.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 8th June

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 1st June

Home learning Suggestions. Week commencing 18th May.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 18th May.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 11th May.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week Commencing 4th May.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 24th April.

Hi Hazel Class,


I hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday. 


Every week, we’ll be setting you some work to do, so you can continue to learn from home. The pdf I have attached below gives details of what we’d like you to do. If you are struggling with anything, please contact me via Purple Mash so I can answer any questions you might have. It’s also OK to get an adult to help you at home if you get a bit stuck. 

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the tasks that have been set. I’ll looking forward to seeing some of your work on Seesaw, an online platform that we have set up to allow you to do this.

You should all now have received your Seesaw login details through your Purple Mash 2Email account (found by going on ‘Computing’, then clicking on 2Email). Please remember that your login details are private and a password. 

Please use Seesaw to upload pictures of your work in response to the set learning tasks. If you have any problems, please let me know and I will try and help.


Mr P.

Home Learning Suggestions. Week commencing 20th April.

Hi Hazel,


I found a great game to help you improve your division skills. I know some of you find it hard but this game, Puppy Division, makes it fun. Honestly! It involves sharing things between a bunch of cute puppies. What’s not to like?


Give it a go and enjoy.


Mr P.





Hi Hazel Class,


I’ve just discovered Pic-Lits. It’s a great and fun way to make some interesting sentences and improve your vocabulary. Give it a try and tell me what you think.


Have fun,


Mr P.





Hi Hazel Class,


I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today. 


I thought I’d give you some links to help you learn more about Mexico which is our current topic.

If you want to find some facts out about the country, you could look at….


It’s the Mexican festival ‘Cinco De Mayo’ in a couple of weeks from now. We know about ‘The Day of the Dead’ (el Día de los Muertos) festival but see what you can find out about this one. Try Ducksters, which is a great website for finding out about things like this. Just click…


When you have done that, have a look at the two links below. They contain craft and cookery ideas that you might like to try out (you’ll need an adult to help you with cookery so please ask nicely first). Have a look and give one or some of them a go.


Keep checking on here and on the ‘Library’ page for ideas and suggestions of fun ways to learn.


Look after yourselves and keep smiling.


Mr P.





Hi Hazel Class,


Today I’d like you to think about writing a story. I’m going to give you the opening line and then I’d like you to take it from there. Take the story wherever you want to go. Try and used lots of powerful adjectives (describing nouns) and adverbs (to make your verbs more interesting). Try and use interesting vocabulary and when you have written a few lines go back and improve what you have done so far, not just correcting spelling but making your sentences come to life. For example, if you have written, “It was a nice day and the sun was shining”, why not change it to something like, “It was a glorious spring morning. The sun shone in the sky like a giant ball of liquid gold, warming my face as I looked skywards.”

You could include metaphors and/or similes (like I have done in my sentence above with a simile).

See if you can get someone to write a story with you, using the same opening line and then compare what you write. Maybe suggest improvements they could make and listen to what they think of your work to help you improve it too. 


Here comes your opening line………

“I hadn't seen the door before. It wasn't there last night. Cautiously, I turned the handle.”



Mr P.





Hi Hazel Class.


I have sent you an email using Purple Mash so we can keep in touch with each other. Log in and you should see it. Feel free to send me any interesting pictures of what you have been doing, any work you have done or any questions you might have. You will be able to contact each other this way too. I will check the suitability of what you are sharing first, so remember to use it responsibly and remember our rules about online safety. 



Mr Phillips. 











Hi Hazel Class,


I hope you’re having fun over the bank holiday and are ready to eat lots and lots of chocolate eggs. 


While you’re scoffing your way through them today, I thought you might like to watch a unique puppet show. The Little Angel theatre company is going to be performing ‘I want my hat back’, by Jon Klassen, this afternoon (Sunday) at 11am. If you miss it don’t worry, it’ll be available for 14 days after that. You all know the book, so why not subscribe (it’s free) and see it performed as a puppet show? Remember, it’s not just a funny story about a bear losing his hat, there are some important messages in it too. Can you remember what they are? Click the link below and enjoy.


Also, keep an eye out too for book reviews and stories we’ll be posting on the ‘Library’ page of the school website from next week. 


I’ve loved talking to you all on the phone over the last week and hearing what you’ve been up to. There are still a few of you I haven’t spoken to yet but decided that I’d wait until after the bank holiday to do that. If you haven’t had a call, I’ll hopefully talk to you on Tuesday or Wednesday. 


In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, be good, be nice, be happy.


Mr P.






Hi Hazel Class,


I know it’s the Easter holidays, but just in case you get a bit bored here are some fun things to do.


If you fancy doing something arty but are stuck for ideas, London’s famous art gallery, the Tate Modern, has loads of great ideas and activities. Just click on the link below and see what you can find.


I found another fun maths game on Mathsframe. You can use this to help with times tables, division, addition or subtraction.


Finally, James Campbell is continuing with his Facebook Live sessions. He’s reading extracts from his very funny books. Today’s session starts at 4pm, slightly later than usual but is well worth checking out.


Meanwhile, if you can get outside, enjoy the sunshine. Hug a tree for me too will you.


Be good, have fun, look after yourselves.


Mr P.





It’s the Easter holidays so make sure you enjoy them. 

I’m going to keep posting stuff on here if you get bored, so feel free to try out some of the ideas or click on the links and enjoy them. 

Today, I’m posting a link to a story read by the author and illustrator Ed Vere. It’s called ‘How to be a Lion’ and is a lovely story about friendship and other stuff I’d like you to think about if you do decide to watch. Just click the link to hear the story.

Like all good stories, this one got me thinking. See if you can help me by answering any, some or all of these questions.

How is Leonard different to what,“they say”, a lion should be?

What happens when Leonard plays with words?

Would you expect a lion and duck to be friends? Explain your answer.

What’s the message of this story?


I hope you enjoy the story, have fun, be good and look after yourselves and those around you.


Mr P.





Hi Hazel Class,


It’s Friday and the start of the Easter holidays. Yay! But hang on! We’ve been off school for a fortnight already. Weird huh? Hope none of you are bored yet? I’ll be posting stuff on here every day if I can, so there’s no excuse for having nothing to do guys. 


I found a great game to practise times tables yesterday. It’s a snowboarding game and great fun, though I think I need to practice my steering as I was veering (there’s another word for you to look up) all over the place. Anyway, give it a try. It’s on a site called Maths Frame which has plenty of other games too.


Also, if you fancy doing some drawing, Ed Vere the excellent children’s book illustrator, has some lessons. If you want to learn to draw his character Mr Big. Click on the link and he’ll show you how.



Have fun, be good, look after yourselves.


Mr P. 







Hi Hazel Class,


Hope you’re all in fine spirits on this lovely spring day. 


It’s been great talking to some of you again today. Wonderful to hear that some of you are writing stories, others making things out of stuff you have around the house (a guitar no less!) and apparently one of you still can’t stop talking even when out for a jog with your dad. See if you can guess who’s done what. I’ve working my way through everyone over the next few days, so expect a call from me and please do email any pictures of any interesting things you have been up to.


I found this idea online today which I really like. You could make your own dictionary bird of course, but this is another fab idea for improving your vocabulary, that bank of words that allows you to understand things better, but even more importantly, to express yourself freely, beautifully and eloquently (look that one up for starters).


If you want some fun with books, James Campbell is doing a Facebook Live page every day where you get a say in what he reads from his two books, ‘The Funny Life of Teachers’ and 

‘The Funny Life of Pets’. Some of you might remember him from the camp out last summer. He’s really funny and a great writer so why not have a look.


Look after yourselves, have fun and keep smiling.


Mr P. 






Hi Hazel Class,


Hope you’re all well. It’s been great to speak to some of you and finding out what you’ve been doing in the last day or so. I’m delighted to say some have you been outside digging and planting things, others doing loads of fantastic art and in one case, helping to build a tree house. Please do send me pictures of what you have been up to. 


I find this great idea on Facebook yesterday. A great way to create a poem.


Look after yourselves and keep checking this page out for more fun stuff to do.


Mr P.


Hazel Class – hopefully helpful stuff for home learning.



Look for anything about myths and legends for now, to remind yourself what make a myth or a legend and where they come from. Twinkl is good for this, as is BBC Bitesize. Find one you like and tell me about it.

Read, read, read. You should all have a new book to read from the library. Talk about what you’re reading with someone you know or something (pet, pebble, plants etc).  
But if you’re a fidget, as some of you are, and struggle to sit for too long doing this, read cereal packets, instructions on how to do things, anything you see around you and think about the language being used. Ask yourself, why did they use that word and not another? 

There’s a website called Oxford Owl with lots of free e-books if you hungry for more.

Try and write. Write a daily journal, make up your own stories, pen a poem, review a book (and send it to me if you can). Pobble has some excellent story starters if you need inspiration to get you going on story writing and some really good activities to help with grammar and punctuation such as ‘sick sentences’.

Twinkl has some good ideas to help you practise your Year 3/4 spellings. Look for crosswords like the ones we have done in class or they have handwriting sheets with these words on which slow you down, making you think about each letter in every word and help with your handwriting too. Spelling Frame is a fun way of practising spellings with lots of online games you can play. These sites make it fun. Remember too, if you don’t know the meaning of the words you’re learning, it’s pointless learning them, so look them up and make a list of words with similar meaning. 


Websites to help with English




To start with I’d like you to keep practising multiplication and division as well as fractions. I have set some work on this on Mathletics but there are other websites that you might like to look at that make Maths fun. You have TT Rockstars for times tables, but you might like to try Top Marks which has some really fun games you can play (look out for ‘hit the button’). 

The important thing with Maths is not to be afraid to get things wrong. If you’re finding something too hard, then don’t get too worried, take a step back and try something you can do before challenging yourself again when you feel more confident. Try and think how you might use what you learn in really life. For example, with multiplication, division and fractions, think about sharing out a pizza or several pizzas or making more pizza (no pineapple on top though!). If it helps get something you can use physical (something you can get hold of and touch) like sweets (maltesers are good), marbles, pebbles (still prefer pizza slices myself) to help you. 


Websites to help with Maths




You should be able to find some things connected with Mexico on Purple Mash and Twinkl.

Also, use these sights to remind yourself about Mayans and their ancient civilisation (last term’s history topic). I’d also like you to try and find out about hemispherescontinents and lines of latitude and longitude. If you have an atlas at home, try using that to help but BBC Bitesize is great for this too. It’s easy to lose yourself in all the fab stuff they have to look at, so if you find yourself doing just that, enjoy and tell me what you discover. 


Websites to help with Geography




There are plenty of activities on the human body, animals and plants on different websites with Twinkl and BBC Bitesize again being really good for this. Search on these websites for the subjects below and see what you can find to have fun with. Even better though, if you have a garden or some pots and some compost, do some planting. Can you remember what plants need to grow? Can you remember why we need trees plants and flowers and why they need us? Also, think about the human body. Plan an exercise routine that will help keep different muscles working well. How could you exercise your brain? Plan a menu including as many different food groups as you can and ask if you can help prepare a meal which includes some of them. Think what what’s needed to keep our muscles, bones and skin healthy and why fat is also important to us. Do some research into different animals comparing them to each other and to humans. What’s the same? What’s different. Whatever, you decide to do, let me know. Grow Eat Gift is a useful website with some more excellent ideas for things you can do around the subject of plants and animals.


Websites to help with Science




Now’s a good time to learn a new language. Can you remember what we’ve done in class so far? See if you can find words to describe different body parts, learn different animal names in French and see if you can learn the days of the week. BBC Bitesize is great for this. Bon chance mes amis!


Website to help with French




Now is a great time to have some fun with art. We’ve been doing sketching, shading and painting so far. What wonderful things can you find to draw? Draw flowers in your garden, paint your cat (not literally obviously, the cat won’t be happy) or make patterns using different shading techniques. Or, make some outdoor art. Use sticks, pebbles, grass, anything you can find to make a collage. Get some soil, make some mud and make a sculpture of an animal. Do an indoor collage using whatever materials you can find lying around the house. Ask a grown up its OK first though. Art For Kids has some good ideas if you need some inspiration. Whatever you do, send me a picture if you can.


Website to help with art




Now Joe Wicks is all very well, but if you want to really have fun, take some of his ideas and use them as inspiration to create your own morning workout. Hop like a kangaroo, gallop like a horse, do the zombie stretch (heels and toes remember?). Or, if you have space, design your own obstacle course, inside or outside (get permission first though). Or run around with your arms stretched out like an aeroplane (remember to make the noise of the engine). See if you get grown-ups to join in with that one, they’ll love it! Go Noodle has some good ideas to help you keep active too.


Website to help with PE




Finally, and probably most importantly, look after yourself and those around you. Remember we’ve talked about mental health? It’s important to look after your mind and your emotions at any time, but now more than ever because lots of people are staying inside together more which can be challenging at times. At school you have the ELSA ladies to support you if you need it but it’s a good idea to take some time to do some mindfulness activities such as colouring or origami anyway, to keep your mind in a good place. Sit quietly, or talk to someone while you do, but try and be in the moment. The ELSA website has some great ideas. Or, sit outside, close your eyes and just listen to what you can hear around you, far away then closer to you. Like we have done at Forest School. If you are finding things hard, let me know and I can put you in touch with one of the ELSA team.


Website to help with Wellbeing











Computing - 1/4/20


Good afternoon Hazel Class,


Please keep practising your touch-typing skills. I have inserted two photos below to remind you - each activity 3 times for 3 minutes. Try and beat your scores. I cant wait to see your results.


Take care and keep safe,


Mrs Asker

Hi Hazel Class,


I hope you’re all well and enjoying yourselves. 


I’m planning to call you all in the next week or so and speak to you if you would like, to catch up on what you’ve been up to. 


I will also be posting some pointers regarding the recommended websites we have posted on the school’s own website in the ‘Hazel Class’ section. I like some more than others and have found a few things you might like to look at which should be a fun way of learning while school’s closed.


As well as home learning, now is a great time to get outside and have fun (maybe learning at the same time). I’ll be posting some Forest School ideas for you on a regular basis too. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or somewhere outside you can get to easily, why not plant some flowers, vegetables or herbs, either in pots or in your garden if there’s space. Remember the things plants need to grow? Alternatively, see if you can identify flowers, trees, and other plants growing in your garden, or wild if you’re lucky enough to be able to get out for a walk somewhere. There’s a great app called PlantSnap which will help you do this. Perhaps you can ask one of your grownups to download it. The Woodland Trust website is also great for this. If you see bugs, birds or other animals, it’s really good for identifying them too and gives lots of useful information:


I’ve assigned some work on Mathletics today if you feel like tackling that. If it’s too hard or even too easy, let me know and I’ll find something that suits you better. 


Make sure you read. Find something you enjoy and read it out loud to a grown up, a sister or brother, a pet, a cuddly toy, a flower, a tree or a stick (remember to name your stick – Sally misses you all by the way).


Also, hug a tree if you get a chance. 


Look after yourselves have fun and keep checking in on the Hazel Class page for some fun ideas and suggestions for learning while’s school’s out.


I miss you all, look after yourselves and those around you. Be kind and thoughtful, I know you all are. Hope to speak to you this week and see you all before too long.


Mr P. 





Hazel's final Forest School session included bridge building, art and spotting signs of spring

Hazel Class rehearsing for our exciting performance at Snape Maltings.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In PE this term we're doing gymnastics. Starting off with balance.

Megaball, our Christmas performance, was a triumph.

Having fun on the school trip to Cambridge

Diwali Dancing.


Adding four-digit numbers in Maths

Cooking Mayan style

On Tuesday, Hazel Class joined forces with children from Cedar and Lime on a Stick Walk.

Hazel Class joined the rest of KS2 in the hall to enjoy the performance poetry of Justin Coe.

A wonderful day spent at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge.

Curriculm Map. Summer 2019

Great Day at the Apex today. Hazel Class were beautifully behaved and performed wonderfully. Very proud of them all.

Roman soldiers advancing using the tortoise formation.

We've been learning and performing poetry.

Still image for this video

Hunting for invertebrates in the school grounds this morning.

A few more pictures from our day at Ickworth at the end of last term.

Brainstorming what we know about climate change.

The water cycle (one of the things we've looked at in Science) can be recreated by planting cress in a plastic container with cling film over the top.

Having fun (yes fun) with fractions.

Hazel Class enjoyed the racket skills taster session this morning

Yesterday's clarinet performance was well received.

Hazel and Lime Classes had a great day across the road at the park. We classified leaves, spotted and drew wild flowers, completed a National Trust Nature Trail and built mini dens.

Hazel Class practising our dance routine based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Hazel Class performing their adaptations of the Goldilocks story as a play script. The children came up with some very interesting variations including pirates, giant marshmallows and baby dolphins.

Some more pictures from yesterday's Forest Schools trip for Hazel Class. Thanks to all parent helpers that came along on the day. We hope you enjoyed it almost as much as we all did.

Hazel Class had a fantastic time at Charlotte's Wood Forest School. We went on a scavenger hunt, climbed trees, built dens and toasted marshmallows around a camp fire. Some of us got a bit muddy too!


Still image for this video

The volcanoes erupted today.

Enjoying some library time on a Friday afternoon.

ICT - The children learnt how a stop-motion film is made and began to make their own using a webcam.

'The Imaginary'

Still image for this video
While reading our class book, 'The Imaginary', one of the things we've been talking about is the things it's seen as normal to do as a child, but not as an adult. Running around being an aeroplane being one of them. Which of the people in this short clip, looks the most out of place?

This week we've been painting our volocanoes

Animation in ICT - The children are beginning to create short clips using various software.

Yesterday we made Play Doh models of the earth's different layers. Today we began to made our volcano models.

Curriculum Plan Spring 2019

We may have made some paper chains after the dress rehearsal today.

We've been rehearsing for the Christmas performance of 'Bah Humbug!'.

Elfeneezer Scrooge joined our class today. He'll be with us up until the holidays.



The children have been learning how to create their own question and quiz game using algorithms on Scratch 2. During this lesson, the children finished editing their Sprite characters using  effects, costume and size commands and blocks. 

Drawing life-sized (or small year 4 person-sized) Victorian figures.

In Science, our new topic is sound. We used string and metal forks to show how well sound travels through a solid compared to a gas (the air).

We had a fantastic Victorian themed trip to Colne Valley. The children had a fantastic time and learnt all sorts of things about what life was like in this country in Victorian times.

We've been look at the art of Andy Goldsworthy. Today we used his style to create our own work.

We made a human number line to show our understanding of place value.


On Friday last week, Hazel Class went on a stick walk in Ickworth Park. It was a great way of getting to know each other we have produced maps of our walk, as well as coming back with resources that we'll use in Art, PSHE, English and Science over the course of the term.

Child Safety Week - Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2018


Fire Safety


As part of child safety week we had a visit from the local fireman. We had a fire safety talk, looked at the uniform they wear and a question answer session which involved Mrs Asker get dressed up in the uniform. We got to have a closer look at the fire engine and we were all able to have a go at using the water hose!

Water Safety


Today, we had a visit from Abbeycroft Leisure to talk about the importance of water safety and how to always following the SAFE code -

Spot - spot the dangers whenever you're near water

Advice - take advice, read the signs, ask a lifeguard or adult for help

Friend - always go with a friend or family, its more fun, and they can help in an emergency

Emergency - know what to do in an emergency


The children and Mr Phillips perform some rescues using jumpers, balls, ropes, paddles and woggles.

We have been using a program called Flowal in ICT to create flow charts.

Pupils from King Edward's in came in to school recently lead a morning of fun maths activities.

People from the Theatre Royal came. They took us to Somewhere and we found Something which came from Nowhere.

We've been measuring how far our paper planes fly in Maths.

Making parachutes to help us understand how we can slow down objects feeling the force of gravity.

Hazel Class had great fun on World Book Day

In Science, picking up oily jelly with chopsticks proved tricky and taught us about friction, or in this case, lack of it.

Team Challenges saw Hazel Class think about Growth Mindsets.

Our Stone Age art work paid off as we managed to produce some wonderful painting and necklaces to make this display.

Hazel Class has been doing ICT using Scratch.

We combined Art and RE as we made bridges from clay to represent the theme of Reconciliation

The 2017/18 Hazel Class went stone age this week. We made made charcoal and crushed blackberries into paint using flint, then did our own cave painting using feathers. We also made necklaces from clay, shells and bones.


Hazel Class designed their own Fairytale mushrooms, then made them out of clay. Next we will be painting them and telling their own story orally to the class.

Hazel Class enjoyed the school trip to Shimpling Hall. We fed sheep and chickens, identified different crops and stood in the giant shadow of an enormous combine harvester.

We used a variety of methods to measure the athletics track. It was suprising how similar some of the results were.

We conducted an experiment to show how the digestive sysem works. Or made poo, depending on your point of view.

During SATS weeek we moved into the hall and took advantage of the extra space when learning about Roman numerals.

This term the Victorian era is out Topic subject. We had a look at some traditional toys.


It took a few attempts, but finally our volcano erupted.

Still image for this video

A Kazoo makes a 'Sound', we made some and then recorded ourselves.

Still image for this video

In Science, as we are studying Sound, we have been making a lot of it (some might call it noise, we call this music).

We have started making our own volcanoes . It was a messy business but great fun.

Homework for week ending February 3rd

We've been studying different aspects of sound. Amber brought her cornet in and played for us.

In Topic we have been studying volcanoes. Our display is looking pretty good. Since this photo was taken we have added labels.

There was terrible news yesterday as Hazel Class discovered its Christmas Elf, Elfis, had gone missing and a police investigation was underway.

We hope you enjoyed the Lower Key Stage 2 performance of Cinderella and Rockerfella. The children worked incredibly hard and put on a fantastic show.

Well done Harrie Bream! Your picture will be the cover of the Christmas play programme. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

What a Shocker! Well, not really.

Last week Hettie's dad, Mr Jones, came to visit Hazel Class to tell us about the journey that electricity takes from source to our homes. Mr Jones works for an electricity supplier and shared with us loads of great facts and information as well as some really interesting objects like a huge fuse and some of the clothes he wears to protect himself when he goes to work. Samuel and Amy got to try them on but we decided not to field test them ourselves this time around.


For maths homework this week we are asking every member of Hazel class to learn one of the 3,4,6 or 8 times tables off by heart. All children have been given their own laminated sheet with all times tables on for them to learn at home. We have asked the children to choose one of the four tables above and learn to recite them by the end of this week (25th November). All the maths work we have done so far this term is made easier by instant recall of  key times tables and the National Curriculum requires all year four pupils to know them thoroughly (up to ten times tables) by the end of the school year. We will obviously be working hard on these in class but would also greatly appreciate parents support with this whenever possible.

On 31stOctober , Hazel Class joined the rest of Key Stage Two on a trip to Colchester Castle.  We have been studying Romans this term and the visit was of particular interest to us.  The castle vaults are where the Romans that occupied Colchester took refuge when, leader of the Iceni tribe Boudica, stormed the city after being betrayed by the Emperor Nero. The castle was built on top of what was left of a great temple built by Nero’s predecessor Claudius.

We began the day with an activity with the children in groups building and then dismantling a Roman Villa and a Celtic Roundhouse. It was tremendous to see how the children worked together in teams and solved the challenge with only a little prompting from adults present.

After  lunch,  we visited the vaults, climbing down a narrow, steep, stone, staircase and in doing so stepping back over 2000 years. The children were told more of the history of the Roman occupation of Colchester,  examined weapons used by Romans and Celts and heard in gory detail how Boudica vented her anger on the city. It was strange but exciting to be sitting surrounded by the very walls where the Romans sat in fear as she unleashed her ferocious forces.

Finally, we visited the museum, packed with Celtic and Roman artefacts such as coins, vases, weapons and even the skulls of two Celts that had been brutally killed by the Roman invaders (you could still see the marks where they had been hacked at by Roman swords!

We managed to pack a lot in, the children had fun while learning and being inspired by what they saw, heard and touched. We even managed to get back to school on time!