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Larch Class


Autumn Term

Jess was awarded the teachers award this week for her amazing effort in all we do.

Art We have started our art topic of The Seaside. We started by pencil drawing the outline of fish, next we will be adding the detail with a black biro pen.

Youssef was awarded the teachers award for persevering with his handwriting. Well done Youssef.

This year for music we are learning to play the flute. For our first lesson we needed to learn to assemble and clean the instrument. During this lesson we all managed to make a sound come out of the mouthpiece.


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Keeping a beat by marching around the room.

1st teachers award assembly. This week Mrs Sledge awarded the certificate to the whole class for settling into year 6 so well.

One of this halfterms PE lessons is football. The first few lessons will be focussing on skills needed.

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed their first afternoon together, playing Danish rounders.

2020 - 2021

Summer Term

Leavers Assembly

Leavers Memories

Fantastic fun was had by us all on our last day! Pizza (thank you Xeno and your parents), shirt signing, certificates, autograph books and lots more.

Our names were added to the wall of fame in Larch Class.

We had a fantastic afternoon playing a rounders tournament with Willow class.

Emil & The Detectives 2021

Our Year 5 & 6 summer production, we hope you enjoy watching this.

Sports day winners!

Well done Red House! A fantastic week of sports. 

Year 5 & 6 sports day

A fun, competitive afternoon was had by all children in UKS2. They competed against, encouraged and cheered on each other with such enthusiasm it was a delight to watch. Well done to all for showing what a great two year groups they are. The races competed in were 500m, 200m, relay and of course the much loved Tug of War. 

The TAs cooked a lovely breakfast for years 5 and 6 and all staff. Children had a choice of egg, bacon and sausage or a mixture of all three in a roll.

Larch Class had an absolutely amazing day at Go Ape in Thetford Forest. Each and every child did not stop smiling, they all had so much fun. Some were swinging through the tree tops like little monkeys, while others conquered their fears and slowly made their way through. They should all be extremely proud of themselves, not only for their wonderful behaviour but also for the way that they worked together as a class to support and help each other. 

Larch Class were excited to welcome Boogie Bounce into school today. They were put through their paces in half hour sessions. All children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were happy to be able to keep their special Bounce socks. 

POND LIFE! This year, Year 6 wanted to leave something behind for the school to remember them by. After much discussion it was decided that they would sort out the pond area in a bid to make it more usable for everyone. This week we started by clearing out all the rubbish and a lot of the slime from the water. What a difference less than an hour had made!

This term we are using our DT lesson to learn about Slippers, how they are made, designs, function. We are designing and making our own slippers. In these pictures we are just in the prototype phase.

We’ve had an extra cute class member join us in our learning.

In year 6 we like to work hard but also play hard.

Xeno was awarded the teachers award this week for fantastic blogging in computing.

PE Cricket

1st lesson of cricket

Still image for this video
Working on overarm throwing and catching.


For English this week we have been writing a play script of a scene or two that we chose from the book War Horse. We could choose to work in pairs or independently. We have produced some amazing play scripts (according to Mrs Sledge, Mrs Woodley and Mrs King), in order to do such a great job we had to think about; cast, props, setting the scene and of course the dialogue. 


Still image for this video
We have been working hard in our brass music lesson.


An exciting day today, Larch class received their leavers hoodies. They all look amazing, just like a rainbow in the vast array of colours. 

Spring term


In our new topic Blogging, we have been planning our own blog and today we created it on Purple Mash. Each child had chosen their own subject and will begin adding to their blog over the Easter holidays. They had to design an icon and background cover along with writing a description about their blog. We can wait to read a few when we come back

Toby received the teachers certificate today for writing a fantastic character description.

Red Nose Day

The children joined in with fun of comic relief day by coming into school in crazy clothing. There was lots of hair gel, sequins, colourful spots and stripes and laughter throughout the school. 
Autumn term

Christmas dinner and jumpers 


Christmas dinner day means Christmas jumper day at Ickworthpark Primary School. Larch class looked splendid in all their festive jumpers. The children decorated their tablecloths ready for their wonderful Christmas dinner. After lunch we watched the production that the whole school took part in, it was fantastic. This was followed by a very special visitor (virtually). It was a fabulously fun day today. 

This week the weather was not kind to us for our PE lesson so Mrs. Woodley introduced us to a game played indoors many years ago. We set up individual tables with books for nets, hands for bats and table tennis balls for a game of ‘Whiff Whaff’ - a version of table tennis! We absolutely loved it, the noise level however was at times unbearable!!


Our new topic is 3D modelling, where we have been designing and making  3D Christmas decorations to hang on our tree. Also, we have made our own Christmas wrapping paper with matching tags, using 2paint on Purple Mash. Look at our amazing work. We can’t wait to take it home to wrap some presents.🎄  🎁 

We were lucky enough to be invited down to the church to look at the crib exhibition. There were some extremely beautiful cribs there. The church had over 100 cribs on show, many from all over the world. 
Xenofon was awarded this week's teacher's award for fantastic participation in UK2 Christmas recording. Very well done Xenofon. 
This week have started thinking about getting our classroom Christmas ready. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making paper chains and giant snowflakes. 
For their RE homework Larch class were set the task of building/making a crib scene. They all made a magnificent effort with some outstanding cribs being brought in to school. The cribs from Larch class, along with many others from classes within the whole school are being made into an exhibition at the local church. 

Connie was awarded the teachers award this week

During English we have been looking at persuasive writing. We decided that we loved Philip Pullman’s book ‘Clockwork’ so much that it would make an excellent film. Here is a display of our persuasive letters to him asking him to produce a film. 
Darren was awarded the teacher's certificate this week for being our speller of the class. Super work Darren. 
For Pe this half term we are working on athletics. For the first part we are throwing, focussing on the discus and shot put. To encourage skills such as how hard/soft and distance to throw we played a game adapted from disc golf. All children thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Ryan was awarded the teachers certificate this week. Ryan works hard in all lessons and is a friendly, helpful young man. Well done Ryan!  

Break times


Larch class are thoroughly enjoying their free time during break times. They spend these important parts of the day playing chase, football, skipping, basketball, making use of the play and gym equipment, socialising and this week enjoying the fallen leaves. Today the sound of happy laughter was quite deafening, it was wonderful. 

Children In Need

This year, for Children in Need years 5 and 6 took part in Joe Wickes "Five To Thrive" meaning that every day for a week they took part in five minutes of exercise. Mrs Woodley worked out a set of daily activities for the children (and staff) to do. Great fun was had by all with the children realising how much better they felt with just five minutes of raising their heart beat.

As a school we have raised a massive £524, thank you very much to everyone who donated. 


We were able to play our brass instruments in groups in the hall. It was great fun to actually be able to make some noises and read the music once again. 

Happy birthday Thomas!


well done Tia for achieving this weeks teachers award for constantly working hard. 


Fridays virtual whole school assembly

Bike Ability certificates

Everyone who took part in bike ability had great fun spending the two days out of the classroom learning to safely ride their bikes on the road. Well done to you all for obtaining your certificate and badge. 
In Fridays assembly this week Matilda was given her very last birthday sticker. 
Lilly was awarded the teachers award for being just an amazing yr6. 

15/10/20 virtual assembly


For PE this afternoon we were able to go into the hall as we were only half a class so we had fun doing socially distanced yoga. 


This week Larch Class have been put into 2 groups to take part in bike ability. 
They start off on the playground ensuring they have control of the bike and learning basic skills needed for the roads. After lunch on day one they are taken out onto the roads around the school. Then on day 2 its the whole day out on the roads. 

Bike ability Group 1

Bike ability Group 2

This week Mrs Sledge awarded the whole class the teachers award as recognition of their wonderful comprehension homework. Every child improved on their marks from the last couple of weeks. Well done to you all Larch Class. 

Art and Humanities 

During our Art and Humanities lessons we have been learning about The Grand Canyon. We have created our own pieces of symbolism art (using symbols for meanings). As well as painting our own backgrounds of The Grand Canyon, we have been looking into both physical and human geography affects on this wonder. 

Painting their Grand Canyon backgrounds.


Every Friday morning we do a virtual whole school assembly to celebrate children’s achievements and house points. It is lovely to be able to see the whole school albeit on a screen. 
This weeks teachers award was to Thomas and Ryan very excitedly celebrated his birthday. 


This half term Larch class are learning all about l’ecole (school) including subjects and equipment.  

In-depth conversations in french with fantastic use of newly learnt language.


For the 1st half term Larch class will be working on their fitness levels, focusing on stamina, strength, speed, balance and agility. They will also be learning to choreograph their own dances to different music genres. 

Fitness workout



Mrs Chester is our new music teacher on a Friday afternoon. As we are not allowed to play our brass instruments we played lots of musical games and challenges. There was lots of dancing going on too!

Fun during Fridays music lesson.

Larch class have settled in very well and are already working extremely hard.

The final finished piece. Larch Class 2019/20 wall of remembrance.

A fun last day for Larch Class 2019-20 with friends reunited, games, pizza, ice cream, sweets, laughter, some tears, autograph books, hoodies and not forgetting the much requested Mr Men certificates.

We all wish you all lots of luck as you leave us here at Ickworth Park and move onto your new schools.

Larch Class Leavers 2019/20

Video (1).mov

Still image for this video
Larch Class 2019-20 leavers video

Lunchtime fun!

Thank you Mr and Mrs Livall for the delicious cakes that you sent in to cheer us all up because we should have been on our residential this week. They certainly helped!


Still image for this video
Passing a balloon around the circle without touching it with your hands and not letting it hit the ground.

Socially distanced PE

Happy half-term, Larch home-learning this week because of the holiday!


Remember, it's half-term for whoever your 'teacher' at home is too, so perhaps you could do something to make it a special week for them! 


Have a fun week and stay safe,


Love Mrs Sledge and Mrs Woodley.




Happy Easter

I hope that the Easter bunny has been to you and left some goodies.


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Woodley xxx 

Wednesday 8th April


Good afternoon Larch class,

I’m writing this to you whilst sitting outside on my hammock enjoying the glorious sunshine. I hope that you too are making the most of this fabulous weather. 
What are you all up to? 
Oscar and I have this week worked very hard on our vegetable patch that we created last week. We have been digging, sifting and destining the soil to make it ready to plant. Today we have planted tomatoes, strawberries, different lettuces, celery, different sorts of carrots and onions. We are very much looking forward to harvesting them. You never know it might encourage Oscar to eat some of them. 
I hope that you are all finding lots to keep you occupied and that you are being kind to your siblings and parents. 

Hope you have a great Easter,
Missing you all 


Mrs Woodley xxxxxx

Monday 6th April:

Hi, Larch Class,

Well, we should all officially be on Easter Holidays now, so make sure that you are having fun, relaxing and enjoying time at home. If you want to keep busy I'm sure that there are plenty of jobs that you can help out with at home!

Remember that we are using Purple Mash blog and email now, so you can message each other as well as Mrs Woodley and I; we love hearing what you are up to. I will keep checking Purple Mash over the holidays.

I'm hoping that the Easter 'Bunny' visits me, maybe with a Malteser egg wink... luckily my daughter is at home and I keep dropping hints!

Take care all of you,

Love Mrs Sledge

Purple Mash Blog - 2/4/20


I have today set up a blog - it would be great if you could have a look and comment on each others posts. To access the blog, after logging into Purple Mash, click on the green sharing tab which has a picture of the world on it. The second tab along is 'Shared Blogs' and you will see 'Larch Class Home Learning'. Mrs Woodley has already written her first blog.


Mrs Asker

Purple Mash emails- 1/4/20

Just to let you all know Larch Class, I've sent you all an email on Purple Mash. You can use this function to send and reply to emails to/from each other as well as Mrs Sledge, Mrs Woodley, Mrs King and myself so that we can all keep in touch! All emails will be approved by one of these adults so please remember our rules about online safety and our Computing code of conduct. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Mrs Asker

Computing - 1/4/20


Good afternoon Larch Class,


Please look at your Purple Mash account. If you'd like to do some Computing work for your home learning, I have today set you a 2Do to create your own database and write 5 question for your class to answer. 


Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Asker

Monday 30th March


Dear all in Larch Class,


I hope that you are all well and keeping yourselves occupied.

I am loving my Joe Wicks workouts every morning. How many of you are joining in with it?

Oscar and I had a lovely week last week out in the garden. We  have made a patch at the bottom end into an allotment so hopefully we can start growing some fruit and vegetables. We both spent a lot of time on the trampoline and playing games in the garden.

How are you all spending your time?

I will try to write to you all every week telling you all how we are and asking about you all. If you would like to reply to me you can always do so in your orange books as I would love to read them all as soon as I can.

Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Woodley


Monday 30th March:

Hi, Larch Class,

Hope you are all well!

I've had a lovely morning chatting to some of you on the phone (I'll be phoning all of you at some point this week smiley). So far I've heard one of you playing the piano and someone told me they'd improved their 10 minute test score, fantastic news...I've even interrupted someone doing their school work!

I'm feeling very proud of you all; it's clear that you are keeping going with your learning and remember that's important.

I've finally finished 'Boy in the Tower', I wish we'd read the end together! I think that I've finally worked out why Ade's Mum was the character she was. I also think it would make an amazing film, do you? Please, please write your thoughts on the book in your orange exercise book...I want to hear your reactions, you could write it as a letter to the author. 

Take care,

Mrs Sledge


Thursday 26th March:


Hi, Larch Class,

I went for my daily walk today and saw something that made me smile…more than once! A rainbow…then another…and another!

You may have already heard that during this difficult time some people are trying to share brightness in the world – with rainbows.

All over the country, children have been drawing and painting rainbows to put in the windows of their homes to help spread the message that we are all in this together and to spread hope, happiness and smiles.

Perhaps you could make a rainbow and display it for others to see. When you go for a walk see how many you can spot. You could draw a map of your route and show where the rainbows are, maybe more will appear as the days go by. Ask other friends and family whether they’ve seen any, have they displayed a rainbow too?

If you are able to, take a photo of your rainbow for your orange book…I’d love to see it,

Take care,

From Mrs Sledge

 Tuesday 24th March:


Hi, Larch Class,

I hope that you are all well.

I have just sent an email to your parents, please ask them to share it with you.

Happy home-learning, have fun and keep safe,

From Mrs Sledge.



Home Learning!


Hello Larch Class. As we embark on our journey of home learning, I thought it would be useful to add links to websites which may support your learning. I will try to add to this list as I come across resources. Some website may require your parents/carers to 'sign up' so please ask them for their permission and help before you do so. - offer code is PARENTSTWINKLHELPS - link to the activity pack sent home - touch typing - Maths, Grammar and Reading activities - Maths - link to free ebooks - Art


Remember to have fun, keep active and stay safe!


Mrs Sledge


p.s If you can't tell the time, now is the time to learn!

Larch class dressed as a character from their favourite book.

Our collection of ‘a book in a box’.

Look at the amazing cakes our children have made for our 30th birthday celebration.

Key stage 2 Celebration music concert at Snape Maltings on Thursday 5th March 2020

Still image for this video

Please find below the music for Snape for the children to practise.


Larch Class are rehearsing for our exciting performance at Snape Maltings.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

£5 Santa challenge


Years 5 & 6 have now completed the challenge set at Christmas in which Santa gifted each group £5 and hoped that they could strive to spread 'good cheer' with their money.

After displaying many entrepreneurial skills and completing a very busy week in school, we are happy to report on their success. 'Good cheer' has certainly been widespread; the pupils themselves have greatly enjoyed carrying out the challenge, from toast to raffle, their ideas were amazing; buying goods and trying their luck at different activities. Now the money they have raised will be donated to each groups chosen charity to spread the 'good cheer' beyond our community. With a grand total of over £750, these charities, listed below, will benefit from a share, alongside a letter from the group who raised the money.


We are very proud of the children's efforts and also thank you all for your support.


Kind regards

Mrs Sledge and Mrs Wilson


Charities are as follows:


  • Australia Koala Foundation
  • W.W.F
  • Cancer Research
  • Air Ambulance
  • Stroke Foundation
  • East Anglia Children's Hospice
  • National Autistic Society
  • Australian Bush Fires

Willow and Larch practising for their music concert at Snape Maltings

Still image for this video

During the special lunches a group of girls are busy selling raffle tickets and home made bookmarks, cards and friendship bracelets. This is their way they are doing the task that Santa set them, to raise as much money for charity using the £5 they were given.

Mr Brown came in to help year 6 with their electricity unit in science. He answered lots of questions that the children had thought about over the last couple of weeks and brought in lots of wires and switches for them look at.

The children are busy practising their instruments and singing ready for Snape.

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed this afternoons Christmas church service singing carols and providing readings. They performed Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry christmas on their instruments, which they have been learning on Friday afternoons.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

A surprise visit from Father Christmas


During our afternoon carol rehearsals, we had a surprise visitor bringing gifts for each class. Willow and Larch's gift was an investment of £5 and the challenge is to arrange themselves into groups and grown their £5 into even more money so that they can spread the Christmas cheer to others!  We look forward to seeing the development over the next two terms.

Enjoying a delicious Christmas lunch.

Look at our amazing Art work in activity 3

Last years Yr 6 popped in to see us this morning. Present yr6 were able to ask lots of questions. We loved seeing them all.

Larch class enjoyed their Rugby lesson today with Max from Bury Rugby Club, learning new techniques and skills.

Children In Need 'Change your Head Day'

The art project of the fish lanterns are well under way.

We were lucky enough to have Jess from West End in Schools come and visit us for a couple of days. She showed us how to retell a story using dance and music. We worked in groups on a small section of the Diwali story and came together to produce the whole piece.

Working hard and staying focused at all times.

What's expected of all year 6 even if you're just a visitor. Larch class won the Golden Bear for attendance this week and he joined in with quiet reading.

Half of Larch class started their bikeability this morning on the playground, they move on to the road after lunch as they have all passed the first stage. The other half of the class will start on Wednesday morning.


Larch class display of work they have already done and of a selection of activities they have or shall be participating in.

The children in Larch class take it in turns, working in groups of 6, to bake the produce to sell for tuck shop. Tuck shop is run as a small business with the children working out ingredients needed, advertising, sales and then sorting the profit and loss by keeping books for monies in and out.

Tuck Shop

Larch class have started their science unit of Classification in a fun way by classifying sweets.

Working in pairs or groups of three the children sorted a range of sweets into different groups, i.e; soft, wrapped, jelly, hard, boiled etc.


Autumn Term



Larch class spent a couple of fun days planning, designing, making and evaluating an adventure map for a Bee Bot.  They worked groups of 4/5 working together to build on their team work and working together skills each taking it in turn to be group leader. The aim was to design a map, with obstacles, for a floor robot, that they had coded themselves to move around.

Summer Term Curriculum

Year 6 Post SAT's Breakfast

Yr 6 Scale factors

Larch Class, along with Lime and Hazel Classes, performed a music concert for their parents showcasing the music they have been working on this term.

Music Concert 2/4/19

World Book Day


For World book day this year children were asked to come to school dressed as a character from a book and also bring a book in a box. Lots of fabulous and imaginative boxes came into school. 

Each class picked their favourite from the class. Rosa's was selected from Larch class, she had constructed her box to tell the story of the Borrowers. 

West End Stage Show Professional Visit


The whole school were lucky enough to spend a session with West End star Oliver over 2 days.

Larch class worked with him to build a performance retelling the Micheal Morpurgo book Kensuke's Kingdom. The children were split into small groups with each group working on an individual section of the story. At the end of the day the class put together their dances and performed the story to their parents.

Larch's Special Lunch


A large percentage of Larch classes parents joined us for a special lunch. The children very much enjoyed having their parents in for lunch and showing them what goes on at lunchtime.

29th January 2019 what a day and night to remember!

Years 5 and 6 left school at 11:30 full of excitement and anticipation, London bound. The excitement rose the closer we got to the O2.

Once there,  we found our seats quickly and settled down ready for an afternoon of rehearsing with all the professional acts and the rest of the  8,149 children.

After the lights went out at 7:00pm a deathly hush suddenly burst into a deafening noise of cheering, clapping and even excited screaming as the start of the show was announced. All of the children sang beautifully and waved their torches enthusiastically.

Time flew past and until sadly the show was over, ending with the Greatest Showman Finale: all of the Young Voices' choir, Urban Strides, Tony Hadley, Sharlene Hector, and Beau Dermott took part coming together to perform a spine tingling last song, there was even a message from Hugh Jackman!

It really was a truly amazing and memorable experience.

Young Voices Performance

Still image for this video
Just a few short clips of the amazing performance that years 5 and 6 took part in at the O2


Still image for this video

Young Voices

Spring term Curriculum map

Larch Class perform Molly's play!