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Returning to School

We hope that the information and videos on this page help with the return to school for Elm, Beech and Larch children.

Back to School

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Here is a quick poem that we have prepared about going back to school.

A Message for the Children


It’s going to look a little different when you come back to school. We have been working hard here to make sure that it is safe for everyone in the classroom and around the building. It looks quite different to how it was when everyone left school. We have made some special places for you to play, learn and eat in school. In some areas, we have had to make sure that you have games and things that are safe to use. There are Lego and other construction toys around to use but sadly the sand, playdoh, water and cuddly toys have to go away for a little while.

When you are in school, we will have to keep washing our hands often to make sure that we are being safe; some children might remember some songs that they learned to help with this before we went away. All classrooms will be cleaned often to help keep everyone safe.

You might not be with your original teacher or your friends as you are in groups in different classrooms. Reception will be in Elm and Beech classrooms, Year 1 will be in Oak and Cedar classrooms and Year 6 will be in Larch and Willow classrooms. When you are in school, you will have to stay in those places or be in your own special area on the field when outside as we are not having any assemblies or eating lunch in the hall for a while. On the playground or outside, it is important that you play lots of games that you can play safely but you cannot have any equipment to play with for some time.

Remember that you are still able to change your books in the library but this can only be done once a week at the moment so that everyone stays safe.

Provisional Daily Timetable (Subject to Change)

Classroom Look-arounds...

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This is a quick video showing you what the classrooms look like for Elm, Beech and Larch children.
Here are some pictures of Elm's learning environment. Children will have individual mats to play on in carpet areas as well as designated seating areas for them to write in. Areas such as the book corner also have been spaced out. 

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. We thought that this would be a nice video for the children to watch to help them understand the changes that are in place in school.