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Science Week 2021

Science week at Ickworth Park was held in the last week of term. Classes across the school did a range of experiments to investigate and challenge our perceptions. The theme for this year was Innovating for the future and this was looked at in different classes in a range of ways. 


In Beech, Lime and Oak classes, the children did investigations looking at the way appearance of food affects our perception of taste and how appealing they looked. The children really enjoyed the chance to try foods that looked really different to usual and loved preparing them all!

In Cedar class for Science Week, the children did a range of things. Firstly, continued to work on their theme of animation from their computing lessons and created their own zoetropes - in its time a very innovative invention. These are little carousels that when spun appear to have moving images inside of them! Here are some of them in action.

WhatsApp Video 2021-03-26 at 14.41.12.mp4

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As well as this, Cedar had the opportunity to come up with their own inventions for a range of silly problems. These inventions needed designing properly, creating posters, drawing diagrams and accurate explanations for how they functioned. These were then presented 'Dragon's Den' style to the class where we chose our favourite design. Mr Blake really liked the idea of some of them, devices including elephant repellent, jump boots and specialist headsets to prevent people from seeing geese! Here are some of Cedar in presentation mode! 
In Larch and Willow classes, the children did investigations into herd immunity using Jenga blocks. Generally, herd immunity representations show that the more people vaccinated against an infection the harder it is to have 'collapse' as a result from the infection. In class, this was shown by preventing some blocks in being removed while playing a game of Jenga; these representing 'immune' individuals. The larger number of immune individuals, the lesser the chance of collapse occurring. It was a really interesting experiment and quite exciting by the looks of things!

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