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The hungry caterpillar made a visit to elm Class this week and left some fruit and vegetables that he thought we would like to try. However, he forgot to chop them up so elm Class were kept busy practising their fine and gross motor skills and chopping up the food for their friends to try - we were very careful when using the knives, holding the food steady and making sure our fingers were out of the way. Some of us were really brave and even ate some fruit and vegetables that we had never tried before... and guess what, we even liked some of the new food we tried! We also used our best wow words to describe what the food tasted like. Some of our wow words were juicy, stringy, sweet and crunchy.

Elm Class made the most out of the little bit of sunshine we had this week and enjoyed putting what they've been learning in our 'talk 4 writing ' to the test. Elm Class went on a story trail to collect different pictures from 'the very hungry caterpillar'. When they returned to the classroom they had the challenge of having to sequence their pictures into the correct order. The children used the actions they learnt in their 'talk 4 writing' to help remember the sequence of the story. Fantastic story ordering and retelling, Elm Class!

In phonics, we have been working together to practise writing the 'air', 'ure' and 'ear' trigraphs. Look at how super we are doing! We have been working with our friends, persevering and trying our hardest to learn these very tricky trigraphs! We are fantastic at phonics!

Elm Class have been practising turn taking, sharing and managing their emotions through lots of group games which have proved very popular (and very fun!). The children were particularly good at waiting for their turn and being happy for their friends when they won the game.

We have been reading 'The Very hungry caterpillar' this week and elm Class have been eager to make their own butterfly masterpieces.

We have had a lot of birthdays in Elm Class this week and the children have enjoyed making birthday cards, presents and 'cakes' to help celebrate. We also had a mini birthday party where the children danced and sang to wish the children the best birthday ever!

Elm Class have been exploring Growth Mindset and how sometimes things are tricky when we first try something but with practise, when we work with our peers and with perseverance we can achieve anything we put our mind to. Elm Class worked in teams to construct the tallest tower. By the end of the challenge the children all realised that in order to succeed they had to work together and communicate with each other in order to construct a tower that didn't topple. Brilliant learning, Elm Class!

We have a fruit and vegetable shop in Elm Class! we have loved writing shopping lists to take to the shop and using our knowledge of money to buy the produce we need! It has also helped us discuss healthy choices we can make with what we eat.

After learning about the life cycle of plants, we used our bodies to replicate the process a plant goes through. Some of the children realised that in order for plants to grow they needed to be watered, so half of Elm Class decided to be the gardeners, watering the seeds so they could grow. Elm Class enjoyed swapping roles and pretending to be growing and wriggling seeds! We now know exactly what happens to a seed as it grows so ask us and we can show you with our bodies - you could even have a go too!

Elm Class joined forces with Lime Class and they worked together to plant some Money Trees. Lime Class enjoyed sharing their knowledge and helped Elm Class understand how to grow and plant their cuttings. Elm Class are now super gardeners, if you need any help with planting your seeds ready for summer make sure to ask Elm Class!

EYFS Summer term 1 planning

In maths, Elm Class have been learning about the different ways of recording. We have looked at using different graphs and charts as well as using writing and symbols to record information. We have particularly loved asking our friends about their favourite things and recording it on the sheet. We are super mathematicians!

Elm Class has loved learning about Chinese New Year this week. They have particularly loved exploring the Chinese restaurant role play and some children had a go at creating their own Great Wall of China out of the blocks.

EYFS spring term 2 planning

Elm Class also enjoyed attending the Maths Puzzle Day where they were challenged and tested to work as a team to conquer the different problem-solving activities.

Elm Class have enjoyed using Weave Silk on the iPads to create their own icy pictures. Some children decided to work together on the Interactive White Board to create a larger scaled creation.

Elm Class decided that because we were learning about the Winter Olympics we needed to have a doctors surgery in the classroom in case any of our winter Olympic athletes get injured. We have loved exploring being both doctors and patients and taking on lots of different roles.

We have been learning about the winter Olympics and we have loved watching videos of different winter Olympic sports and using our bodies to pretend we are competing!

This week in maths, Elm Class have been looking at different ways of recording using marks and objects they can understand. We have been using our handprints to record our preferences and also been recording the numbers we've found hidden around the classroom.

As we are learning about cold places, we got to do some ice painting! It was really fun and prompted lots of discussion about the texture and helped us extend our vocabulary to explain how it felt painting with the "freezing cold ice". Some children even noticed how when the ice paints began melting in the tray it looked like the Northern Lights!

As we are learning about cold places, we got to do some ice painting! It was really fun and prompted lots of discussion about the texture and helped us extend our vocabulary to explain how it felt painting with the "freezing cold ice". Some children even noticed how when the ice paints began melting in the tray it looked like the Northern Lights!  1

This week in PE with Miss Saunders we had a lovely relaxing yoga session and guess what?! We love yoga in Elm Class - it helps us get focused for the days learning. We pretended we were at the North Pole and had to help our friends who lived there - we even turned our body into a sledge to get down the snowy slopes! At the end of our PE class, we all felt very relaxed, calm and warmed up ready for our learning.

We have continued our learning of winter and cold places and have been exploring the different ways to find out information. This week we have used videos, documentaries, computer searches, picture and books to retrieve information from. Please ask us about cold places because we would love to share our information with you!

Elm Class have continued learning about addition this week. They have loved exploring how to find the total of two groups and learning how to read and write mathematical sums. A particular favourite was using two drain pipes to help understand how addition works.

Elm Class have loved investigating ice this week. We have been exploring how different materials make ice melt more slowly. We then discussed the findings of our experiment. These are some of things we found: by wrapping ice in lots of layers it protected it from the sun and made the ice last longer; putting the ice outside made it last longer because it was much colder and the less time we held the ice the less it melted. We are super Scientists!

Elm Class have been investigating Winter in more depth. They have loved exploring ice and seeing what happens to ice when exposed to different environments.

This week in maths we have been learning addition. We have been exploring how to find the total number of two groups and we have even had a go at answering and making our own sums!

We have been learning about New Year and how different people celebrate. This week we looked at New Years resolutions and the children shared their own New Years resolutions about the things they would like to get better at this year. There were some superb ideas such as 'being kinder', 'improving writing' and 'learning new things'!

Elm Class have done brilliantly at understanding capacity this week in maths and have been using their knowledge to order objects by their capacity!

Elm Class have enjoyed learning about the different ways different cultures celebrate new year. In PE, we used our bodies to replicate different fireworks and play games where we have been developing our understanding of what the cold does to water.

Since coming back from Christmas, Elm Class have started their topic 'hot and cold'. They have enjoyed sharing their knowledge of winter and painting their own winter scenes.

Everybody in Elm Class did amazingly well performing their Christmas nativity. They used their big voice so everyone watching could hear, remembered their lines and most importantly had a fantastic time!

Elm Class loved eating their school Christmas dinner. Whilst eating their dinner they enjoyed sharing stories about what they do at Christmas, singing Christmas songs, pulling crackers and especially trying cranberry sauce!

Father Christmas visited Elm Class earlier this month and left us with our very own magical postbox! It takes the post straight to the North Pole. Elm Class have been enjoying exploring the new post office and writing lots of letters to Father Christmas, as well as helping Father Christmas wrap some presents and find his lost reindeer!

In Elm Class we have been learning to order objects by size. We have been using our new knowledge to make Christmas tree decorations for our grown ups. Making these Christmas decorations also helped us to develop our strong finger muscles by threading the buttons onto the pipe cleaners.

The children have loved learning fantastic phonics each day and are enjoying using their phonic knowlegde to write words, captions and sentences

With the introduction of the new topic, 'Night and Day', a cave was constructed in Elm Class. The children loved using their new cave as a place to improve their mark-making!

Elm Class looked at the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy, they then went outside to see if they could create their own Goldsworthy inspired art pieces themselves.

Elm Class loved making their own 'Pumpkin Soup' in their play using the orange lentils, mini saucepans and spoons. They retold the story of 'Pumpkin Soup' that we had read at the beginning of the week.

Elm Class loved reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup', so we decided to explore and carve some pumpkins of our own!

In Elm Class we have been learning about internet safety. We even learnt a song to help us remember how to be safe when we are using technology.

Elm Class have been reinforcing their phonics and number learning through fun in the water tray - finding coloured balls and trying to blow them back into the water!

Elm Class have been putting music to nursery rhymes, thinking about what instruments would work best for 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

Elm Class have been investigating technology. They have been using the Interactive White Board working out how to create patterns, write letters and change colours.

Elm Class have been practising their mark-making by making some crowns.

Elm Class have been exploring patterns in maths. After creating their own patterns with resources in the classroom, Elm Class went outside to see what patterns they could find in nature.

The children in Elm Class made an obstacle course outside. They enjoyed experimenting with different ways of moving and welcoming their friends to come and play too.

Elm Class have been exploring natural objects. They were looking closely at the different features and seeing what numbers they could find hidden within the tray.

There were some special arrivals in Elm Class today, some little 'Alien Quiet Creatures'. Elm Class were very kind and wondered if the aliens wanted to return home so worked hard to build them some space rockets so they could fly back to their home land!

Elm Class have been attending assembly, they are listening really well, sitting beautifully and are loving singing with the other children!

Elm Class have settled in really well - they are enjoying exploring their new classroom.