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Register of Pecuniary Interests

Schools are required to keep and publish a register of any interests held by Governors which could potentially conflict or affect their role as a Governor. Written declarations are made annually and at each meeting Governors are required to declare a potential pecuniary interest for any matter on the agenda.

A summary of our current register is shown below.

Name Return Dated Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest
Richard Harding 13/07/17

Suffolk County Council

All Saints School, Lawshall

Local Government

Primary School

Social Care

Chair of Governors

Nicki Asker


18/09/17 Ickworth Park School Primary School Support Staff
Christopher Griffiths 20/09/17 Church of England Established church Rector of Horringer Benefice

Denise Burrell


18/09/17 Ickworth Park School Primary School Headteacher
Rebecca Dodman 12/09/17 Horringer Pre-School Early Years Provision Treasurer
Rennie Everett 27/09/16 Suffolk County Council Local Government Social Care
Pippa Hilton 12/09/17 National Probation Service Probation N/A

Amanda Sledge


18/09/17 Ickworth Park School Primary School Deputy Head
John White 07/11/17

Horringer Charities



Parish Council


Parish Councillor

Tracey Wilson


22/09/17 Ickworth Park School Primary School Teaching Staff
Andrew Howard 07/11/17 ARM Ltd Engineering and Telecoms N/A
Alexandra Fenner 12/09/17

Suffolk County Council

Schools Choice

Local Government

Education Support

Social Care

Governors Clerking


Governors who have left in the last year.


Julia Walker

Paula Fox

Sarah Thomas