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Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class 2019/20

World Mental Health Awareness Day

World Mental Health Awareness Day 1

Thursday 10th October was World Mental Health Awareness Day and Beech Class had a day of wellbeing and mindfulness!

We started the day with some mindfulness colouring and music. In assembly we read the book "How full is your bucket?" which explains that everyone has an invisible bucket and when good things happen to you, people are nice or you do kind things, your bucket fills up. We did some "bucket filling activities" and then made these headbands to remind us to be bucket fillers and not dippers! Well done year one!


I have had a few queries regarding homework in Beech Class so have sent home the above letter via email to all parents. I really hope it clears up any confusion and queries you might have. Children should not be spending an hour each night on homework. There are far more important things to be doing such as playing, riding bikes, talking and eating dinner together!


I can only apologise if you have felt the pressure to spend this amount of time on home learning. The homework sent home is designed to compliment and consolidate learning done in school. If you feel it is taking too long, stop! You know your child better than anyone. :) 


I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss this further if you have any other questions or concerns.

Have You Seen This Dragon?

Still image for this video
The story so far....
On Friday night Mrs Rogers and Mrs Hunt heard a strange noise coming from the golden egg in the library. They moved the egg to a quieter place in Beech Class and thought nothing more of it. On Monday morning, the egg was gone! Mrs Rogers checked her camera and found this footage.....

If you see anything or have any more information about the whereabouts of this dragon and the egg/hatchling, please let someone in Beech or Oak Class know!

Common Exception Words (tricky words)

Above are the common exception words for year one. These are the "tricky words" that we will be learning all year through lessons, spellings and homework.

Mrs Rogers

This Week In Phonics


Our tricky words this week were:





We have continued with our digraphs and have learned the following new sounds:

oo- moon, food, boot

ee- feet, sweet, bee

ai- rain, faint, pain

oa- toad, load, goat


Try asking us the actions to go with each sound or quizzing us on words containing these sound!

Bulb Planting

Beech Class really enjoyed our morning planting bulbs to celebrate the school's 30th birthday. After our muddy morning, we returned to the classroom and produced some great recount writing. We cant wait to watch our bulbs grow and flower. Thank you to our lovely parent helpers too. We couldn't have done it without you!

This Week in Phonics

This Week in Phonics 1

This week’s phonics focus:

ch- chip, chin, chop

sh- shop, shin, ship

th- thin, thick, this

ng- song, bang, ring



Finish the stem sentence “a digraph is ____ letters that make ____ sound”

Try finding the digraphs in your reading books

Try writing the above words and adding sound buttons

How many words containing ch/sh/th/ng can you think of in a minute?

Visit and play Picnic on Pluto


The Gunpowder Plot

Still image for this video
Beech Class have been learning about the gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes. Today we learned how a letter had been sent to Lord Monteagle giving the plot away. What do you think the plotters had to say about it?

Autumn 1 Homework

Here be dragons!

What an exciting morning! Mrs Hunt came into Beech Class during registration and told us something very strange was going on in the playground. Like a flash we jumped up to investigate! When we got outside we couldn't believe our eyes. The playground was strewn with jewels, shiny paper, gold material and stars. There was also the outline of a dragon and a beautiful golden egg nestled in the bushes! 


We think it might be a dragon egg. Luckily, Mrs Rogers has a book on dragons so when we got back to class we had a little look at the different types of dragons. We hope it isn't the one the size of a village! The dragon has been put a in a safe, cosy nest in the library and we can't wait to see what hatches out.

Beech Class Topic Web Autumn 2019

Beech Class 2018/19

Volume and Capacity

The children have come back after Easter refreshed and ready to continue their learning. In maths we have been using water and a variety of containers to explore volume and capacity. We have been using mathematical language (full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty) to describe how much water there is in a container as well as talking about millilitres and litres. 

Banham Zoo

The children had a very exciting day at Banham Zoo. They were able to see lots of animals that we have been talking about in our topic of the rainforest plus many more. Everybody was very well behaved and represented our school well. 

We have been taking our learning outdoors this week, making the most of the beautiful weather. The children have been working together collecting sticks, building towers and creating the alphabet in capital letters. They have also been working with Mrs Brown planting their class flowerbed. It is looking very colourful already. 


Please see the link below for the second half of Spring Term homework due in week beginning 1st April.

Safer Internet Day 2019

As part of Safer Internet Day the children have been thinking about making good choices when they are online using the story of Zap and Zoom.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This term in ICT, the children have been introduced to algorithms as a set of step by step instructions given to a device, learnt how to debug simple algorithms and learnt how to use logical reasoning to predict how a program will behave. Today the class have put their learning to the test by programming our bee-bots to reach a certain object on our bee-bot mats. They had great fun!



This week in PSHE we have been thinking about ‘caring for pets’. We had some very special visitors - Darcie and her 10 week old daughter Isla the Golden Retrievers. Darcie and Isla were very friendly and the children were able to ask questions and find out about how the dogs are looked after. 

Spring Term 

Please see the link below to find out what you will be learning about this term as well as homework information for the first half of this term.


Operation Christmas

The children worked incredibly hard practising and performing our Christmas production - Operation Christmas. We hope everyone enjoyed the show!

Picture 1
Picture 2


This terms topic is Computer skills and so far the children have learnt to use a mouse and track pad, log on to the computers using their own username and password, open applications and windows and save work in a folder. The skill learnt today was to click on an object to select and drag. They had to dress the bear and the wolf. 

Part, part, whole

In maths we have been using the part, part, whole method to help us with addition. We even used ourselves to be part of the number sentences. 


Still image for this video
In music the children have started learning how to play the glockenspiel. We now know how to play in time to a piece of music keeping the pulse throughout using both hands.
During ICT the children have been learning to switch the computers on, log on using their own username and password, how to use a mouse and trackpad correctly and shutdown safely.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

So far in Year 1...

In Maths we have been practising counting to 10, forwards and backwards. We have used a 10s frame to make our numbers to 10. In English we have read the story of Dogger by Shirley Hughes. We have been on a noun hunt around the class room as well as thinking of adjectives to describe Dogger. In science we have started looking at how leaves change through the year. We have been observing different leaves, describing and sorting them.

Autumn Term Overview

Please click on the link below to see what Beech Class will be learning about this term.

Beech Class 2017/18

Phonics Celebrations 

On Friday we made our own alien biscuits to celebrate completing our phonics assessment. We helped bake the biscuits then decorated them like aliens. 

Child Safety Week - Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2018


Fire Safety


As part of child safety week we had a very special visit from the local fireman. We got to have a closer look at the fire engine and also the uniform they wear. 

Water Safety


Today, we had a visit from Abbeycroft Leisure to talk about the importance of water safety and how to always following the SAFE code -

Spot - spot the dangers whenever you're near water

Advice - take advice, read the signs, ask a lifeguard or adult for help

Friend - always go with a friend or family, its more fun, and they can help in an emergency

Emergency - know what to do in an emergency


The children perform some rescues using jumpers, balls, ropes, paddles and woggles.

We have been using the cuisenaire rods to help us explore fractions in maths. In preparation for the phonics test we have been using a variety of activities using different digraphs to make real and nonsense words. 
Please click on the link below to find out a bit more about what we will be doing in the first half of the summer term.


We have been measuring each other in maths using lots of different items that we have found in the classroom. 

Great costumes for World Book Day!

Please click on the link below to view an overview of what we will be learning this half term.

Beech Class have been practising the glockenspiel

Still image for this video


We currently have a two week free trial of Spellodrome - similar to Mathletics but with a focus on spelling. Children need to use their Mathletics login information to gain access to the site using the link below.


Please let me know what you think of it.

Numbers to 20

We have been playing games to help us recognise numbers to 20 in numerals and words. 

We're going on a Polar Bear hunt...

The children recreated the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by making up their own story of a polar bear hunt. Together they made up their story, acted it out and then made the obstacles that the polar bear met along the way to go in a big book. 

Christmas Acrostic Poems

Today we have created our own Christmas acrostic poem using the word 'Christmas'. We used words and phrases about Christmas to write our poem. Some of us performed our poem to the rest of the class.


Children are coming home today with their own individual usernames and passwords for Mathletics. Children can access the website here:

Or alternatively by downloading the app on an iPad or tablet. Please keep your login details safe, if you do happen to misplace them, please let me know and I can provide the details. Children can play maths games against other Mathletics users across the world and in our school. I will also assign children tasks to complete.

West Stow Trip


On Friday the 17th November we went to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village. Beech Class had a great time exploring the museum in the morning and then looking around the village in the afternoon. The children returned to school very enthusiastic about their day. 

End of Half Term


The children have made a great start to Year 1 although I think we are all very tired and looking forward to our week off. They have been busy working hard in all areas of the curriculum. In maths we have continued with practising addition using the part, part whole model. After half term we will spend two weeks focusing on subtraction before moving onto shape.


In literacy we have continued the theme of Dragons and we have written our own story based on Kassim and the Greedy Dragon. The children practised using adjectives in their writing, as well as using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


There was some fantastic homework brought in during the last week, I can see that the children have been very busy working on this. 


You should have received your parent consultation time in your child's book-bag. Please let the office know if you don't have one. 

The Alphabet

I promised the children today that I would put this link on the school website so that they could access it at home. It is really important that as well as knowing the sounds, they also know the names of each letter.


Beech Class have settled in really well to Year 1. We have been doing lots of work already this term.


In maths we have been focusing on numbers to 10 to make sure we know them really well. We have just moved on to exploring addition and subtraction using the Part, Part, Whole model which you will be able to see in the photos below.


Our literacy lessons have taken us on a magical dragon hunt around the play ground. We have thought of our own dragon using the story Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris to give us some inspiration. 


Yoga in PE with Miss Isaac helps us relax and calm.