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Willow Class

2020 - 2021

Autumn term


We met our new teacher Mrs Chester. As a warm up, we listened and appraised Hey You! by Joanna Mangona. We discussed the style of music, how the song was put together plus more. This term we will be looking at the theme tune to 'Ghostbusters' and the pulse of music. We played the pulse challenge to see if we could move to the pulse (beat) aswell as playing Lets Dance. We had so much fun!

Virtual achievement assembly 18/9/20


Today we celebrated Alex’s birthday. Mannix was given the class Head teacher’s Award for working hard and giving some super explanations in Maths. 
Last weekend, Felix took part in The Suffolk Historical Churches Trust 18.5 bike ride raising money for his local church and others in Suffolk. He raised an amazing £405. Well done Felix, what a great achievement to celebrate with the whole school. ⭐️

Jazzercise PE Lesson - Working as a group, we have been looking at fitness and dancing and how we can move our body to enhance our fitness, how are heart rate is elevated when we exercise and the importance of warming up, cooling down and stretching. We discussed using major muscles when we dance, and using and the correct technique with each move. Breathing is an important part of controlling our exercise and performance and we did a breathing exercise. We ensured we worked at arms distance apart which would adhere to social distancing but also allowed us to have our own dance space. Our game was cut the cake and whilst we were playing we did lots of fitness moves.

Virtual Achievement Assembly

11th September

Today we celebrated Izzy's birthday.  Beth was given the class Headteacher's Award for working hard and always being ready to learn!  Jess received a special golden certificate and a cup cake for earning a golden token last term.  Well done to all 3 girls.

The whole of Willow Class also received a Headteacher's Award for making such a good start to Year 5. Keep it up everyone!


As a whole school, we are looking at ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers which is a transition unit aimed at allowing children to reflect and reconnect with school life.

Today we had our first virtual whole school achievement assembly with birthday celebrations.

Willow class enjoying being back at school.



Summer term

Home Learning timetables - Summer term second half.
Sunday 19th April 2020

Hi everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday and are not too full of chocolate! 


Over this week, Mrs Asker will be emailing each of you a login for the seesaw site where you will be able to add pictures and work that you would like to share.  


Also, each Monday, I will be adding a timetable of work for the week to this page.  This will mainly include English and maths activities for you to complete. These are the types of activities that we would be working on in school.  Hopefully, you will all be able to access these.  If you have a problem accessing the internet it would be useful if a grown-up could email school to let us know. 


Some of the activities have sheets that you can print off to work on and these could then be stuck into your home learning book.  If you are unable to print things at home, don't worry, just record your work straight into your home learning book.   If you find something really difficult, try not to stress, ask a grown-up for help if you can or look in your revision books.  We will go over things together when we all come back to school, so just do your best and find time to relax and have fun too.


Mrs Wilson

Purple Mash Blog - 2/4/20


I have today set up a blog - it would be great if you could have a look and comment on each others posts. To access the blog, after logging into Purple Mash, click on the green sharing tab which has a picture of the world on it. The second tab along is 'Shared Blogs' and you will see 'Willow Class Home Learning'. 


Mrs Asker

Purple Mash emails - 1/4/20

Just to let you all know Willow Class, I've sent you all an email on Purple Mash. You can use this function to send and reply to emails to/from each other as well as Mrs Wilson, Mrs King and myself so that we can all keep in touch! All emails will be approved by one of these adults so please remember our rules about online safety and our Computing code of conduct. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Mrs Asker

Computing - 1/4/20


Good afternoon Willow Class,


Please look at your Purple Mash account. If you'd like to do some Computing work for your home learning, I have today set you a 2Do to create your own database and write 5 question for your class to answer. 


Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Asker

28th March 2020

Hello Willow Class,


I hope you are all well and managing to keep busy and active at home.  It's certainly very quiet without you all! I am looking forward to sharing your scrapbooks and your news when we all return to school. 


I have added some fractions work on the Mathletics' site for you all to complete, just so you don't forget what we've been learning this term. Remember, there is help available on the site and in your red books.  I have given you until Monday 20th April to do this, although I notice that some of you have already started some of the activities smiley.


Also, just so we don't lose touch, I hope to phone each of you over the next few weeks to find out how you are getting on.  


Best wishes and stay safe


Mrs Wilson   

Home Learning!

Hello Willow Class. As we embark on our journey of home learning, I thought it would be useful to add links to websites which may support your learning. I will try to add to this list as I come across resources. Some website may require your parents/carers to 'sign up' so please ask them for their permission and help before you do so. - offer code is PARENTSTWINKLHELPS - link to the activity pack sent home - touch typing - Maths, Grammar and Reading activities - Maths - link to free ebooks - Art


Remember to have fun, keep active and stay safe!


Mrs Wilson


p.s If you can't tell the time, now is the time to learn!

World Book Day

This week at King Edwards, we cooked cheese biscuits for project 5.

Look at our amazing cakes the children made for our 30th birthday celebration.

KS2 had an amazing time at Snape Maltings for the Celebration concert. Here are some of the photos we took of Willow Class. Please look out for our fabulous display in the school lobby.

Snape Maltings performance

Still image for this video

This week at King Edwards, we cooked apple and cinnamon scones.

Cooking with Mrs Utting - this half term the children are making apple crumble.

This week for Project 5, we cooked lemon drizzle fairy cakes.

Please find below the music for Snape for the children to practise.


Willow Class rehearsing for our exciting performance at Snape Maltings.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

£5 Santa challenge


Years 5 & 6 have now completed the challenge set at Christmas in which Santa gifted each group £5 and hoped that they could strive to spread 'good cheer' with their money.

After displaying many entrepreneurial skills and completing a very busy week in school, we are happy to report on their success. 'Good cheer' has certainly been widespread; the pupils themselves have greatly enjoyed carrying out the challenge, from toast to raffle, their ideas were amazing; buying goods and trying their luck at different activities. Now the money they have raised will be donated to each groups chosen charity to spread the 'good cheer' beyond our community. With a grand total of over £750, these charities, listed below, will benefit from a share, alongside a letter from the group who raised the money.


We are very proud of the children's efforts and also thank you all for your support.


Kind regards

Mrs Sledge and Mrs Wilson


Charities are as follows:


  • Australia Koala Foundation
  • W.W.F
  • Cancer Research
  • Air Ambulance
  • Stroke Foundation
  • East Anglia Children's Hospice
  • National Autistic Society
  • Australian Bush Fires

This week for Project 5 cooking at King Edwards, we made pasta salad.

Our year 5 Road Safety Officers organised a ‘Be bright be seen’ non uniform day to help promote their road safety scheme. During assembly, our road safety officers presented a prize to one child from each class.

Willow and Larch practising for their music concert at Snape Maltings.

Still image for this video

Project 5 cooking - Cheese and courgette scones

Special guests enjoying their lunch today

This is an iMovie showing our amazing art work in activity 3 which has been created and published by one of our year 5 students.

Still image for this video

Project 5 cooking at King Edward - this week we cooked fruity flapjacks.

Cooking with Mrs Utting - each week a group of children develop their cooking skills. This half term we are cooking soft pretzels.

Some of the children have spotted their bulbs starting to sprout. Let’s hope they’re flowering for our 30th birthday celebrations!

This term in PE, we have a sports coach, Jo Hughes, teaching us hockey. So far we have learnt some skills and look forward to playing games soon.



In Science, we have been learning about Earth and Space. This week, we were looking at the day and night cycle. In the morning, the moon was spotted in the sky so we went outside to see it.  We recognised that it was a waxing half moon from our learning of the phases of the moon.

Project 5 cooking this week we made pizza. They look amazing!

This week at King Edwards Upper School, the children cooked baked apple slices.

Project 5

This terms we will be doing Food technology at King Edwards. Today we met our teacher, Ms Sewell, who demonstrated how to make apple slices, which we are making next week. We talked about health and safety in the work area, explored the practical food area and worked in teams to identify equipment we might be using.

Look out for more photos to see what wonderful food we make.

The children had an amazing time today at their first swimming lesson of the term.

Spring term 2020 overview

Autumn term

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed this afternoons Christmas church service singing carols. They performed Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry christmas on their instruments, which they have been learning on Friday afternoons.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

A surprise visit from Father Christmas


During our afternoon carol rehearsals, we had a surprise visitor bringing gifts for each class. Willow and Larch's gift was an investment of £5 and the challenge is to arrange themselves into groups and grown their £5 into even more money so that they can spread the Christmas cheer to others!  We look forward to seeing the development over the next two terms.

Boy in the tower

We have now finished reading the boy and the children have reflected on the book, focusing on the different themes.

The children were asked to describe the book using one word and these were some of their answers:

realist, surviving, life changing, tense, moving, catching, exhilarating, moving.

Willow class enjoyed our delicious Christmas lunch prepared by our amazing kitchen staff

Willow class enjoyed using our new gym equipment on the school playground.

Miss Frost, from King Edward School, has been putting together the finishing touches to our dance performance. This will be performed with King Edward sixth form students at the Apex in the Summer term.

Look at our amazing Art display in activity 3



In Art, we have been learning about Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese artist. We focused on a piece of his art called 'The Great Wave off of Kanagawa'. Willow Class used art pencils and oil pastels to create their own version.




Willow class enjoyed their morning PE lesson with Max from Bury Rugby Club, learning new skills and techniques. In the afternoon, we put our skills to the test by playing a game of tag rugby. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Diwali Workshop


We were lucky enough to have Jess from West End in Schools come and visit us for a couple of days. She showed us how to retell a story using dance and music. We worked in groups on a small section of the Diwali story and came together to produce the whole piece.


The children enjoyed taking part in Change your head day with their kind donations being split between Children in Need and East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Willow class enjoyed trying out our new tabletennis table at break time.

In RE, we have been looking at what the Qur'an reveals to Muslims about Allah and his guidance. We talked through the meaning to have something revealed and looked at the 99 names of Allah along with their meanings to gain further insight into what Allah is.

We moved on to looking at how the Qur'an was put together and its importance to someone who is Muslim. This is seen in how they treat the Qur'an which was modelled to the class.

Making fish lanterns in Art

Math challenges


Willow have been looking at multiples and factors this week and how to answer word questions. Look at some of our work:

NSPCC Sponsored Circuits

Today we have been doing our sponsored circuits for the NSPCC in our PE lesson. We had to complete 6 exercises per round for 30 seconds each.

Science investigation

This term, Willow class are enjoying reading The boy in the tower by Polly Ho-Yen. We wrote a diary entry as if we were Ade, an eleven year old boy, who is the main character in the book.


Here are a few examples of some powerful entries:


'What if the spores are too quick! Maybe the spores will get into Obi's suit then both of them will die. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. Maybe I'm being dramatic. I keep saying to myself they'll be fine, they'll be fine but I'm scared. I'm desperate for them to return safely but everything is going wrong. This might be the end of Camberwell !!!


'I just couldn't bear it anymore so I shot out of the door to tell Obi.'


'Now I'm worried and scared! Will anything ever go back to normal? Will mum ever wake up?'


'What a day! I have so many questions whizzing around my head.'





Carrying on looking at the topic 'Forces', each group made 3 different sugar paper parachutes, each one slightly different (size of parachute, shape of parachute or length of string) with 3 of the same objects as weights. After they observed which of their parachutes fell the slowest showing the most air resistance, timing the fall from the same height using a stopwatch. We had a class discussion to explain our findings saying which design had the most air resistance and if it was the safest.

NSPCC visit


Following on from our KS2 NSPCC assembly, Willow class attended a workshop which they explored the topics in more details looking at different situations and deciding on what's ok and what's not ok.

The Seaside Art Work


Look at the amazing Art work Willow Class have been working on over the past few lessons. The lessons involved creating a textured background by ripping different coloured tissue paper and arranging the overlapping of colours , designing and drawing a detailed fish on a printing tile using a sharp pencil. Once they were ready to print, each child printed 3 designs on their background and explored using different colours and parts of their fish to build different effects and textures.


Look out for our display in Activity 3 'The Seaside' which is coming soon.



Willow class have been learning about where our food comes from and calculating the food miles of foods in our supermarkets using a digital map, after looking at food packages to find out which country it originated in. We had a class discussion about why it is important to import and export food, identifying the benefits and risks.

Bulb planting

The children enjoyed planting lots of different types of bulbs around the front and side of the school. We can't wait to see the array of colourful flowers in the Spring ready for our 30th anniversary celebrations.




Today we have been using the 'if' and 'if/else' command codes to ask our partner yes/no questions. When we had completed our program, we swapped iPads and answered their questions along with debugging the program and peer marking the work against our success criteria.

Great work Willow Class! 





Willow Class have be researching information about different types of power stations including wind, gas turbines and biomass together with looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each power station.


In Science, we have been investigating how many Newtons (N) is needed to move a box containing 200g over different surfaces. When the investigation was complete, the children drew a bar graph to represent their findings.


Willow class have been studying how to draw fish using black biro, paying close attention to details such as eyes, tail and scales. They produced a drawing that shows they have looked many times at the fish pictures.

Project 5 Dance has begun with Miss Frost from King Edwards School

Willow class are learning to play cornets and baritones with Mr McDowell from Suffolk County Music Services

Autumn term 2019 overview



Summer Term Curriculum

Willow Class Explored Science Week at King Edward VI School

Willow Class World Book Day 2019

Willow Class Brass Concert for parents

Still image for this video
On Friday 8th February Willow Class, led by Mr McDowell, gave a music performance to parents. During the performance the children played some of the pieces they have learnt so far this year.

Project 5 - Dance


As part of our Project 5 work Willow Class are busy working on a dance routine for the King Edward's School dance show.  They are creating a routine to the music of Bon Jovi which has been choreographed by Helen Frost, dance teacher from the upper school.

Project 5 Dance

Still image for this video

29th January 2019 what a day and night to remember!

Years 5 and 6 left school at 11:30 full of excitement and anticipation, London bound. The excitement rose the closer we got to the O2.

Once there,  we found our seats quickly and settled down ready for an afternoon of rehearsing with all the professional acts and the rest of the  8,149 children.

After the lights went out at 7:00pm a deathly hush suddenly burst into a deafening noise of cheering, clapping and even excited screaming as the start of the show was announced. All of the children sang beautifully and waved their torches enthusiastically.

Time flew past and until sadly the show was over, ending with the Greatest Showman Finale: all of the Young Voices' choir, Urban Strides, Tony Hadley, Sharlene Hector, and Beau Dermott took part coming together to perform a spine tingling last song, there was even a message from Hugh Jackman!

It really was a truly amazing and memorable experience.

A few clips of the amazing Young Voices that year 5 and 6 took part in

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Young Voices 2019

Practising hard for Young Voices

Spring term Curriculum Map

This term Willow Class have focused on WW1 for their Humanities topic. On a recent visit to Duxford IWM they had a more hands on study of the planes, trenches, uniforms and countries that played a part in the war. They were also able to have a closer look at what life was like during this time.


This term, the children are learning how to create their own animated stories. Today the class began by animating a scene and creating 3 different sprite characters using various commands and blocks.

On a gorgeous Monday Larch and Willow classes set off for a historical walk around Bury St Edmunds following The World War 1 trail. As they walked around the town they came across pieces of art which told the story of WW1. The children were asked to look at the information on each plaque that accompanied each piece such as why the artist chose the materials they used, why or how the subject was important to the war or any other information they could find. Along with this information the children looked for a letter to work out a well known phrase.

Welcome to Willow Class Year 5



Curriculum Map Autumn 2018

Year 5 and 6 Residential July 20108

ICT - Radio Station - Making our own jingle

Making our own phone cases in DT

Child Safety Week - Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2018


As part of child safety week we had a visit from Abbeycroft Leisure to talk about the importance of water safety and how to always following the SAFE code -

Spot - spot the dangers whenever you're near water

Advice - take advice, read the signs, ask a lifeguard or adult for help

Friend - always go with a friend or family, its more fun, and they can help in an emergency

Emergency - know what to do in an emergency


The children perform some rescues using jumpers, balls, ropes, paddles and woggles.

Summer term - first half

Measure, time and data


This week, we have been looking at converting between imperial and metric units, reading bus and train timetables to answer word problems using the 24 hour clock and retrieving data using various graphs.

Literacy in our new outdoor classroom



In this lesson the children learnt that water resistance is a form of friction that opposes movement in water. They explores how the shape of an object affects its movement through a liquid. By the end of the lesson the class were able to describe how to reduce the effects of water resistance.



We have been drawing, measuring using a protractor and comparing angles including recognising the difference between acute and obtuse. Following on from this, the class have been drawing various shapes and finding any lines of symmetry.




Willow class investigated 'What material would make the best parachute and why?'. In groups, they designed a parachute using different materials. The material had to be  13cm x13cm and the string 35cm. This was to make the tests fair. Each group tested their parachute 4 times, from the same height of 1 metre above the table. The results were recorded in a table and each group had to compare their findings.



Willow class have been working out the perimeter and area of rectangles, calculating the area from scale drawings and investigating 'Do shapes with the same area have the same perimeter?'




This term in ICT, we are using a program called 'SketchUp' which is computer aided drawing. The children are designing their own house and bedroom including making the furniture. This involves using dimensions, measurements and making 2D shapes into 3D shapes.

This week in Maths, we have been looking at the properties of polygons including parallel and perpendicular sides, describing and sorting 2D and 3D shapes using Carroll and Venn diagrams. We have also been drawing circles with different radii using a compass to find the circumferences. 

Maths Roadshow


Our year 4 children enjoyed the Maths Roadshow run by children in  year 7 and 8 from King Edward School. The children were given tasks to find the degrees and angles in shapes.


Spring term



We currently have a two week free trial of Spellodrome - similar to Mathletics but with a focus on spelling. Children need to use their Mathletics login information to gain access to the site using the link below.



Spring Term Overview

Christmas Jumper and  Christmas Dinnner


In the festive mood and ready for Christmas.

We have been raising money for Save The Children!

Alex the Musical


Rehearsals are over and our performances are 'running like clockwork'. I have been working as the Knave of Hearts and have performed my very first solo. I felt quite nervous, but also excited. I think it went well - the audience seemed to like it!


By Solomon

Year 4 Cathedral Carols


In the cathedral was a tree decorated with bright lights. We sang many carols, my favourite was 'Come and join the celebration', and we all tried really hard to use our best voices.


It was very loud with everyone singing!


By Bronwyn

Design Technology


This term we have been busy working on a project to design Spectacular Marble Runs!

We have worked together in groups to build some amazing structures. Our designs need to look good and give the marbles a smooth run. We have learnt about free-standing structures.


One bit of advice - don't make your design too complicated!


By Maisie and Jasmine



We have recently signed up to the Mathletics program. This program is linked to the curriculum standards and is designed to motivate and engage children in their maths' learning both in school and at home. The children will be using the site at school, within maths lessons, for homework activities and also to take part in games and challenges where they can earn points and rewards.

Children can access the website here:

Or alternatively by downloading the app on an iPad or tablet. Each child has their own login. Please keep your login details safe, if you do happen to misplace them, please let me know and I can provide the details.




Willow class have been learning to design, write and program a Scratch game during ICT.