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Willow Class

2021- 2022

Summer term

Game Creator in Computing


In our new topic, the children will be designing and creating their own 3D computer game. This week, we looked at what made a good game and what features a game should have. They began by playing and evaluating various age appropriate games, to enable them to decide on their own success criteria for their games. 
Next week, we’ll be starting to design and create the background for the games.
Watch out for some amazing ideas and games 🕹💻

Year 4 and 5 have the privilege of Mr Parsons and Mr Cook, choir masters from St Edmundsbury Cathedral, visiting the school for the next several weeks to lead singing lessons. The children had a great first session. Look out for performance soon.

Our first song with Mr Parsons and Mr Cook

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Willow and Larch enjoyed the afternoon together playing netball and taking parts of the warm up session.

Achievement assesmbly


A class certificate was awarded to the whole class for their fantastic behaviour and effort in Bikeability this week. Isla was also presented with a certificate for her super effort and achievements in Bikeability. We celebrated Antonio's birthday. Holly spoke about how she had earnt 2 swimming badges, 50m and 100m. Well done everyone smiley

Databases in Computing

Over two lessons, the children designed and created a database, which had to include a minimum of 6 records and 5 fields within each record.Each child chose a topic of interest. Computers and iPads were used to screen shot images and research information. All the information and photos were entered into a database.Once the database was finished, they had to write 5 simple and complex questions for other children to answer.

The class had the opportunity to evaluate others work and answer the question using  the relevant sort and search tools. Great work Willow Class 👏


The children were very excited to have their two day bikeability training this week. The first morning, on the playground, they learnt the following: how to check and repair their bikes, control their bike when setting off, stopping, braking and cruising, pedal without feeling out of control whilst being aware of their surroundings.

That afternoon and the following day, the group were taken into the village to learn how to pass stationary vehicles, understand and negotiate the roads including signals, signs and road markings. 
Fantastic cycling by all. Well done ⭐️

Global food - DT


In groups, the children investigated where ingredients come from. Looking at the ingredients in class and using the internet, they researched the following: name of the item, where it comes from, how it is prepared, taste, how you might eat it and what with. 
The ingredients in class were mango, lime, lemon grass, ginger, bok choy and figs. They had photos of chilli peppers, swiss cheese and olives. 


Life cycles in Science

This term, we're looking at life cycles of mammals, amphibians and humans. The children are observing the life cycle of butterflies in class. 


Achievement assembly


This week, we celebrated the birthdays of Mimi and Oscar 🎂. The certificates were presented to Bobby, Lily and Olly for their fantastic effort to learn their spellings. 👏


Josh and Holly took the warm up session for the class, demonstrating the various stretches and warmup exercises. This week, we practised the use of the attacking principle to create and use space on the court. The children had to keep moving into space even if they didn’t receive the ball whilst being aware of others around them.

Spring term

Our fantastic cake sale raising money for UNICEF. All the cakes, biscuits and cookies looked and tasted delicious.

Well done Sophie for winning ‘design an Easter egg’ PTA competition.


Today we learnt the rules for netball, practised chest and shoulder passes and working on our footwork. 

Egg Drop

As a way to celebrate and review our science topic on properties and changes in materials, we did the egg drop challenge. Children created an object that would hold their egg doing their best to protect it from breaking using a variety of different resources. We had several successes so well done everybody! 


Well done Seth for being awarded the class certificate for working hard and asking thoughtful questions, especially in History lessons!

Well done to everyone in year 5 for achieving your personal safety certificate in swimming this term. Fantastic achievement 👏

Creating our own database games in Computing


Over the next couple of lessons, each child will be making their own form of top trumps games using the computer. The children decided on their own topic from footballers to cakes to fast cars. Each game had to have a minimum of 8 records, and within the records  a minimum of 6 fields. This week, we have started to research the information and draft a plan of action. 


We can't wait to share the games with our friends! 

School Heritage Project


On Tuesday, 10 children from Year 5 and 6, who had been selected to be ambassadors for the school, attended the School Heritage Project along with children from other local schools.

The children had a tour around Abbey Gardens where they learned about the history of the Abbey. They then moved on to Moyses Hall where they heard the story of the local Red Barn Murder, with all of its gory details, before moving on to smell a variety of disgusting smells!

After lunch at the Cathedral, the group went to the Guildhall where they were able to go into the actual war room which was used during the Second World War. Following that, they attended two mock trials where they were asked for their opinions on the verdicts for the two people on trial!

Finally, they returned to the Cathedral where they were given a tour which included lying on the floor of the altar to look up at the new tower as well as hearing many very interesting facts.

These children will be sharing their experience with the rest of the school and using it to devise a performance piece in drama club, this will then be included in a celebratory event on 29th June in Abbey Gardens

Well done George for receiving the weekly achievement certificate for always working hard and trying your best in all lessons.


This week, we created a collaboration class database by designing our own avatar and entering information. The class decided on the fields, to enable us to find out more about each other. Once the fields were completed, we used various tools (group, sort and arrange, find or table view) to answer some questions. Look at the photos below to see the findings.

Celebrating Red Nose Day and Help Ukraine. So far we have raised an amazing £658.

Whole school assembly in the hall

All the children were very excited to be back in the hall, after several years, for an assembly. We celebrated our amazing upper key stage 2 Snape performance, Lottie’s birthday along with with all the other classes birthdays and achievement certificates.

We enjoyed watching the Snape concert altogether.

Swimming lessons

Willow class enjoyed the swimming lesson practising their life saving skills and various strokes.

Cooking club made their own apple crumble this week. The children learnt new skills and evaluated their work. They all agreed it tasted delicious.

Our music celebration at Snape Maltings

Science: Soluble or insoluble?

In Science, we investigated which substances were soluble or insoluble to create a solution.  There were a few surprises such as tea and sweetener.  Then we had a go trying out some different liquids,  oil and vinegar, to see if that made a difference to whether a substance would dissolve.

Cooking club made their own pizzas this week. They were delicious!

Well done Lottie on achieving your grade 4 in Shotokan karate 👏

Look at our fantastic upper key stage two library, displaying some of the handmade puppets from World Book Day.

World Book Day


The children enjoyed showing their homemade puppets and books to the class. The class voted on a winner, who was Oscar. 


Our new topic is ‘Databases’.

Today, we learnt what a database is, what information might be held in one, different ways to search a database and how to create statistics and reports.

Some of the children enjoyed their first cooking club session after school today.


This week we looked at the different processes in separating materials.  The children had a go at making their own sieve and separating out a selection of different materials.

Skara Brae


After learning about the Neolithic settlement site on Orkney, the children produced their own information pages. 

Here’s a taster of one of our songs for Snape. You’re in for a real treat!

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Friday morning practise

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed their first session together with Mr Whiteman, our music tutor. They sang, played and ate “Crazy Day” snacks.


As well as swimming this half term Willow class have been focusing on gymnastics. They have worked on various different movements including, rolls, balances, vaulting, cartwheels and bridges. 

Film Night
Year 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed eating their snacks whilst watching “Space Jam 2”.


Art has been linked to our Humanities topic of “The Stone Age”. In order to really appreciate the caves, the children either laid on their backs under the tables or sit at their tables to draw creatures from that time. Using chalks and pastels, on crumpled sugar paper, we have created our very own cave within school.

The children practising their clarinet performance ready for the Snape concert next month.

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This week in Science, we tested different materials to check their absorbency and if permeable or waterproof. We had some surprises and overall enjoyed carrying out our fair investigation. 

Achievement assembly

Well done Zia and Holly for being awarded the class certificates. Holly has persevered with her maths and explained her ideas and methods to the class. Zia has worked hard and persevered in maths and had fantastic creative ideas. 

Stories about Krishna in RE

Well done Alfie. He was awarded the class certificate for his super explanations and questioning in our maths lessons this week.

Computing - Spreadsheets

We carried out an investigating to test out a hypothesis about which vowels are most commonly used in the English language. Using a spreadsheet, the children used the ‘how many’ tool to automatically total the number of each vowels when typing a passage from their reading book. At the end of the lesson, the class agreed  ‘e’ was the most commonly used vowel.


This week in Science we carried out a fair test to find out which type of carrier bag would be best for different shop keepers.  We tested carrier bags based on the comfort of their handles, how flexible and durable the material was and the weight it could sustain.  Based on our test, we made recommendations of which bags they should use based on our evidence. 

Well done Harry for being awarded our class achievement certificate.


In science, we looked at the different properties of liquids. We used a variety of liquids to test their viscosity and put them in order from thinnest to thickest. We also discussed how we could make our experiments a fair test.

Properties of a liquid

The achievement certificate was presented to Tom for his thoughtful contributions in English this week and use of powerful vocabulary!

Online Safety in Computing

We have begun to look out how to reference sources in our work. They searched to internet to answer various question, considering the reliability of the results, with understanding the impact of incorrect information. We discussed the meaning of key topic words including plagiarism and citations. 




We explored properties of different materials by testing it's magnetism, permeability, hardness and flexibility to determine the purpose of the materials.


We looked at how the game snakes and ladders explains how a Hindu's journey to Moksha, where they will become one with Brahma. To achieve Moksha, Hindus must follow the path of duty, the path of knowledge or the path of devotion, which relates to the ladders. Inconsiderate behaviour choices will give them bad karma achieving Moksha, relating to the snakes.

After playing a game, the children drew their own pictures of their own Moksha symbols displaying serval different ways to achieve the same goal.

This weeks certificate went to the whole class for their fantastic effort with playing their instrument piece this week. Willow class are preparing for their concert at Snape Maltings in the summer term. Keep up the hard work 🎶

Autumn term


Mimi was presented with the weekly certificate for working hard and trying her best in all our lessons. We celebrated the birthday’s of Holly and Josh. 

A special achievement certificate was presented to ‘Mouse the cat’ for being such a great pupil in upper key stage 2.

The final house points were counted and verified. The Autumn term winners were red house with an amazing 1215 points. Well done everyone in red house.

Look at our amazing Hokusai art drawings !

Panto time


The class were treated to a performance of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ via a live streaming link, courtesy of Norfolk Music Hub. We had a fantastic afternoon joining in with the songs, actions and audience participation. “Oh yes we did!”

Christmas dinner and jumper day

What an amazing day we had! We came to school in Christmas clothes, decorated our tables ready for our fabulous Christmas dinner, pulled crackers and told jokes. In the afternoon, we watched each classes performance, which you’ll find on the class pages. A surprise visitor popped in and brought gifts for each child. 

Willow Class Christmas 2021

Look at our fabulous fish print display.

We have begun to add colour to our Hokusai drawings, using oil pastels.

Sophia was awarded the class certificate for her fantastic art work. We also celebrated Lily’s birthday.

Looking at the different phases of the moon in Science

Hokusai drawings of ‘The Great Wave’


We have began to draw our own version of ‘The Great Wave’. The image depicts an enormous wave moments before crashing down on three fishing boats off the coast Kanazawa while Mount Fuji rises in the background. We’ll  be using oil pastels to add colour next week.

Making crumble carts in Computing

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Fish printing on our textured backgrounds

Well done Arthur for receiving the weekly achievement certificate, for his fantastic mental maths and being able to explain his methods.

Dancing disco men using crumble motors.

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Children in Need 2021

Imogen received the class achievement certificate for creating wonderful posters for the school! The posters are reminding children to turn off taps properly after washing their hands.

Computing with Crumbles - using a switch and a buzzer

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Rock n Roll moves

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Rock n Roll routines

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Each group picked a scene from stories about Jesus to recreate.



The children have begun to create their textured backgrounds for their fish prints, which we’ll be designing next week. The texture was created by ripping strips of different coloured tissue paper,  layering and overlapping the strips then glueing it down.