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Willow Class

2021- 2022

Autumn term

2020 - 2021

Summer term

Achievement assembly

The certificate was awarded to Beth for her wonderful report for ‘Mouse!’ and being a fantastic part of our school.

We celebrated Blake’s birthday and heard about the wonderful birthday weekend he has planned.

We had a great afternoon playing a rounders tournament with Larch class.

Emil & The Detectives 2021

Our Year 5 & 6 summer production, we hope you enjoy watching this.

Willow and Larch enjoyed watching the premiere of Emil and the detectives.


We have finished making our prototype slippers. Look at our amazing designs.


We were very pleased to celebrate some amazing achievements this week. Izzy was awarded her 5 year achievement certificate from Stage Coach. Lily and her family went on a Falcon VIP day trip. Lily was very lucky to be able to feed the birds and have a Falcon called Scarlet land on her arm.Martha and Daniel took part in the 5k Splashout race at Newton Park at the weekend. 

In Science, we carried out an experiment to see what materials are permeable.

Achievement assembly 


The certificate was awarded to the whole class for their enthusiasm and attitude to the play. We celebrated Lily’s birthday. Polly and Florence took part in a 1.9km race last weekend and showed us their medals. Well done girls.


The final year house points were announced. This years results were:

1st place - Red house with 1435

2nd place - Purple house with 1245 

3rd place - Blue house with 1243

4th place - Orange house with 1200


All classes have now completed their sports day and the points were counted and totalled. The results were:

1st  - Red house

2nd - Blue house

3rd - Orange house

4th - Purple house



Music- Today the class learnt to play a piece of music called DC. Ike volunteered to play the piece solo!

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Sports day

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic afternoon taking part in their sports day. The events were long and short distance races, relay races and tug of war. They encouraged and supported each other aswell as cheered and celebrated with their house team mates. 

Preparation are well under way for our production of ‘Emil and the detectives’. The production will be posted on the class page once completed. You’re in for a real treat!

Children playing Fanfare with Mr Holt, our music teacher.

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Achievement assembly


The certificate was awarded to Ike for hard work in our play rehearsals and keeping us on track. It was also Izzy’s 10th birthday, who was given her birthday sticker.
During the last year, Jacob and his family have been taking part in Race at your pace. It involves running, walking, swimming or cycling. Last month, he cycled 50 miles. Fantastic achievement. 
Harry was awarded the highest award in Cubs, the silver award. To achieve this, he had to get 6 activities badges aswell as 7 challenge awards. Well done Harry 👏

Go Ape 2021

In Science, we investigated which materials best conduct electricity.

What a way to start the day. The staff cooked the children sausages, bacon and egg roll before they started rehearsing their end of year play.


We carried out an experiment to see if thermal bags keep items of food colder or hotter than room temperature. We had 2 ice creams and 2 jacket potatoes. The children checked the temperature of the 4 items at regular intervals. The class verdict was that the bags did keep the ice cream colder and the jacket potato hotter than the ones at room temperature.

Boogie Bounce visited Willow class today. The children were put through their paces with 2 half hour sessions. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves using the mini trampolines and learning various routines. It was amazing. 


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This week, Mrs Wilson awarded two achievement certificates. The first one was for Blake for fantastic mental maths and for working hard on all your morning work. The second was for Lily for super thinking and problem solving in Maths!

We celebrated Cleo achieving her black belt in kookstool. It has taken 6 years of hard work for Cleo to achieve this.

The children were very excited to find and use the new playground toys and equipment that had been purchased by our PTA.


Willow class carried out an fair test to investigate different types of carrier bags and their uses. The only variable we changes was the material of the bags. 


The certificate was awarded to the whole class for having a great attitude this week ! 😊 

The PTA organised Move it in May and would like to thank the children who took part and raised an amazing £330 so far. 

We also celebrated Felix and Jasmine birthdays.



Our new topic is called Game Creator where we will be designing and creating our own quest games. The games will include different levels, backgrounds, point scoring systems and sounds.Today the children explored the program to enable them to start designing their own game next week. 

In DT, we have now begun making our slipper prototypes, using different materials and sewing the materials together.


Our new topic is exploring everyday materials. We carried out an experiment using different materials to find their properties (magnetic, hardness, transparent, flexibility and permeable).  After the experiment we had to describe the material and what it might be used for. Our star words were matter, material and property. 

This half term in Maths, we are working on properties of shapes along with position and direction. 
Today we focused on measuring angles using a protector and looking at degrees in quarter, half and a full turn.

Weekly assembly

Our certificate was awarded to Beth for her wonderful questioning and thinking in all our lessons.


Today we learnt about Vesak, one of the most important Buddhist festivals. It is also known as Wesak or Buddha Day. It is a celebration of Buddha's birthday and, for some Buddhists, marks his enlightenment (when he discovered life's meaning). It is also a time to reflect on his teachings and what it means to be Buddhist. We made our own colourful Vesak lanterns.

Weekly assembly


This week, we awarded two certificates. The first went to Izzy for preserving with her writing and producing some lovely work. The second was for Alex, for fluent and expressive reading to the whole class. Well done to both of you. ⭐️

Travelling book fair

The children enjoyed having a look at all the books which are available to buy. The books can be purchased either online using the school reference or completing a form. All the information has been sent out in an email. 
If you have any queries, please contact the school office. 

The children have enjoyed learning to play Mamma Mia at full speed and Jingle Bells.

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Our achievement certificate went to Cleo for her positive attitude in learning. We also celebrated Mannix’s birthday. 

In DT, Willow class are designing and making a slipper. This week we were set a task to create a template using only paper, a pencil and a glue stick. Have a look at how we got on.

In Computing, the children have been planning an end of term party for the class on a budget of £100. The party needed to include food, drinks and decorations. They used the internet to research their ideas and find out the prices. The information was added to a spreadsheet and totals were added using formulas. Willow class came up with some amazing ideas and we can’t wait to share them with each other.

This week, Caylen was given the class achievement certificate for working hard in all subjects.

Our new class shared reading book is Boy in the tower by Polly Ho-Yen. We can’t wait to read the book and start adding work to our fantastic class display.

The children have been practising speaking French.

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For PE, we are learning the rules of cricket and the key skills involved. This week we have learnt to bowl and we continued to focus on our batting skills.

Weekly assembly

This week Mrs Wilson awarded two certificates. The first one was for Daniel for working hard to improve the presentation of his written work. The next went to Florence who achieved distinction in her first trombone exam. 😀

We also celebrated the birthdays of Ike, Polly and Florence. 

In RE, we looked at how Buddhist belief that the Buddha is a refuge and guide towards enlightenment. We read the story of Angulimala and the Buddha. We drew a picture of what we thought each character looked like and added a character description.

We are learning how to play Hi 5 netball along with the rules and positions. We are having great fun playing games.

Virtual assembly - Freya was awarded the class certificate for great work in maths and her general contribution in class.


We have now finished reading our class book 'War Horse'. This week, in pairs or independently, we have been writing a play script of one of the scenes.  We had to think about; cast, props, setting the scene, the dialogue and how a script is set out. 

The class have been busy continuing to learn how to play their brass instruments. This week, they learnt how to play G note and continued practising playing Mamma Mia. Please have a listen as I’m sure you’ll agree with me, it sounds amazing.

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Virtual Assembly 

This week, the class certificate was awarded to Blake for his fantastic work in Maths. We celebrated Martha’s and Cleo’s birthday which were during the Easter holidays. 


Today, we learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant and dissected daffodils to be able to explore each part using a magnifying glass. We looked at the different processes of pollination.

Willow class were surprised to see the playground had be redesigned over the Easter break and excited to play the new games.

Spring term

Last virtual assembly of the term

Mrs Burrell announced that we raised an amazing £800 for Red Nose Day last week. Thank you for all of your kind and generous donations. The winners of the Easter letter competitions was also announced with Lily and Elliot winning in Willow class. Well done.

The class achievement certificate was presented to Jasmine for being a kind friend and for working well with others. Jasmine was nominated by a class member. We also celebrated Jess and Youseff’s birthday.
Finally, the house points were announced for the end of term as follows:

1st place - Red house with 287

2nd place - Blue house with 278

Joint 3rd place - Purple and Orange house with 264


This term, we have been looking at life cycles and what happens if a life cycle isn’t completed. Today we talked about what the biggest threats to animals are. We learnt about Jane Goodall and how she spent 40 years researching and studying chimpanzees in Tanzania, dealing with conservation and animal welfare issues. 
Each  child researched animals which are close to being extinct and created a poster to try and help save their animal. 

PSHE - Being responsible

This week, we having been talking about looking out for others. We discussed why we should take actions when someone is being unkind, the importance of looking out for others and how making some choices can impact others’ lives in a negative way.

Red Nose Day crazy outfits

Virtual Assembly


Today we enjoyed looking at the children’s crazy outfits, hair styles and face paints in all classes for Red Nose Day. So far we have raised an amazing £446 on the school’s Just Giving page. We are so close to our target of £500.
The winners of World Book Day was announced and we are pleased to say Annabelle won in Willow Class. Annabelle made a book about dogs using different material for each page. Her prize was a book of her choice.

House points are very close this term. So far Red and Blue are joint leaders with 190 points, followed closely by Purple and Orange. We have one week to go before the winner is announced. Last terms winners were Purple house, who will be having their award next Friday with a non uniform day and a special snack during the day.

This weeks achievement certificate was given to Alex for working hard and giving some good explanations in Maths. Well done Alex 👍🏼


Still image for this video
Over the past two weeks, Willow class have been learning to read the music and play Mama Mia on their instruments. Have a listen, it’s fantastic 🎶🎵🎺


Our new topic is Spreadsheets, where we will be using Purple Mash and begin to explore Excel. This week, we learnt how to use the how many tool and explored different tools and controls. Below is examples of our work on how formulas can calculate how many times a certain number on a dice appears and the probability. 

Virtual Assembly


It was lovely to see everyone in our first virtual assembly after lockdown. 
We awarded two certificates this week. One went to the whole class for coming back with a positive attitude to learning. The other certificate was awarded to Blake for fantastic work and explanations in Maths. Well done Blake ⭐️


To the run up to Easter, we will be looking at the Easter story and the importance of resurrection to Christians. Today, we created a story map using pictures and words to help us understand the Easter story.

Willow class enjoyed learning how to play Danish rounders in their PE lesson today.

Autumn term

Christmas whole school virtual assembly

This weeks achievement certificate was presented to Youssef for working hard in all subjects this term. Well done, keep the hard work up ⭐️

Mrs Burrell announced the end of term house team winners. The results were:

4th place blue house with 909

3rd place orange house with 964

2nd place red house with 964

1st place was purple house with 1,013

On our last PE lesson, the children took part in a Jazzercise class and a basketball tournament against year 6.

Christmas dinner day


The children looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers.Today we made Christmas cards aswell as decorated table cloths ready for our amazing Christmas dinner. After lunch, we watched the Christmas performance and had a surprise virtual call from Father Christmas. A present had been sent for the class with a note saying ‘Do not open until Thursday!’.

The class were excited to open their present from Father Christmas!

Please check out the link below to see our Christmas 2020 performance. The two versions of The 12 days of Christmas was written by Willow and Larch class children.

Over the past few weeks in PE the children have been doing athletics and learning about how to pace.  We looked at the various athletic sports, shotput, javelin, running and relay.  The children really enjoyed the lessons and particularly enjoyed the javelin and relay races.  








The children were learning about the phases of the moon using oreo biscuits to demonstrate this.   By scraping off the oreo cream, the children were able to demonstrate the phases of the moon. The children found this lesson extremely exciting as they got to eat the biscuits after showing their understanding. 



Science - Phases of the moon

This weeks certificate was awarded to Blake for always trying his best, working hard and being a lovely member of our class.

Look at the amazing Christmas wrapping paper, tags and 3D decorations we have designed and made in our Computing lessons. We are taking them home to hang on the tree and wrap some presents.

Church visit to see the crib exhibition


Willow class were lucky enough to be invited to the church to look at the beautiful crib exhibition. There were over 100 cribs on show, from all over the world. They were very excited to find their own cribs, which they had made, and learn some historical facts about some of the cribs. 

Weekly assembly - This weeks certificate went to Felix for working hard and being a good friend in class. Well done Felix 😀



Our new topic is called 3D modelling. We have been designing and creating 3D Christmas decorations, using Purple Mash 2Design and make, to  hang in our classroom. Also, we are designing our own Christmas wrapping paper and tag. Have a look at some of our work.

We can’t wait to take them home to wrap some presents! 🎄 🎁 

Crib exhibition for St Leonard’s Parish Church

In RE, the children’s homework was to build and make a crib scene for the exhibition. All the cribs were taken to the church and will be display during December. Well done everyone 🎄⭐️

Longitude Science Investigation

In Science we investigated world time zones and how time is linked to the lines of longitude by using globes and atlas’s to support our learning.


Virtual assembly

This weeks award was given to Cleo for persevering with her spellings and trying to use them in her work. Well done Cleo, keep it up!




The topic is on multiplication and division. For the past two weeks, we have focused on factors, common factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. We have also learnt the meaning of these words.

Virtual assembly

The certificate this week went to Ike for being a kind and helpful friend in class. We celebrated George’s birthday. 


Today, the class looked at the effects of weathering and erosion. We looked at physical, chemical and biological weathering which we demonstrated. We discussed the different types and how this has changed our coast line.

Chemical weathering

Still image for this video

Physical weathering

Still image for this video

Biological weathering

Virtual assembly


This weeks award was presented to Jasmine for always working hard and gaining confidence in sharing her ideas in class. It was also Harry’s birthday today.


It was announced that so far we had raised £519 for Children in Need!


Children in Need

This week we are taking part in the unique programme of wellbeing activities called ‘Five to Thrive’, led by Joe Wicks. Each day we learn more about how to look after our wellbeing. The 5 areas are Connect, Take Notice, Get Active, Be Curious and Give. 

Also each day, Mrs Woodley delivers a 5 minute fitness session to Willow and Larch class. The children and staff are loving it! 

If you wish to donate to Children in Need, please use our just giving page below


Please click on the link below to try the Active 8 minute workout today.

Children in Need daily workout



We have moved onto a new topic, Online Safety. The focus this week was to gain a greater understanding of the impact that sharing digital content can have. We recapped on many terms, phrases and their meanings that we have encountered relating to the topic for example identity theft, phishing and digital footprint.

Fun at break time

Remembrance Day


Today we had a special virtual assembly with Reverend Griffiths and observed a 2 minute silence. 

This half term, the topic we are learning about is Earth and Space. 

We wanted to visualise the distance of the planets from the sun, so in groups of 3, the children each had a planet and to scale we measured each planet using string and chalk.