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Willow Class

2020 - 2021

Spring term

Autumn term

Christmas whole school virtual assembly

This weeks achievement certificate was presented to Youssef for working hard in all subjects this term. Well done, keep the hard work up ⭐️

Mrs Burrell announced the end of term house team winners. The results were:

4th place blue house with 909

3rd place orange house with 964

2nd place red house with 964

1st place was purple house with 1,013

On our last PE lesson, the children took part in a Jazzercise class and a basketball tournament against year 6.

Christmas dinner day


The children looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers.Today we made Christmas cards aswell as decorated table cloths ready for our amazing Christmas dinner. After lunch, we watched the Christmas performance and had a surprise virtual call from Father Christmas. A present had been sent for the class with a note saying ‘Do not open until Thursday!’.

The class were excited to open their present from Father Christmas!

Please check out the link below to see our Christmas 2020 performance. The two versions of The 12 days of Christmas was written by Willow and Larch class children.

Over the past few weeks in PE the children have been doing athletics and learning about how to pace.  We looked at the various athletic sports, shotput, javelin, running and relay.  The children really enjoyed the lessons and particularly enjoyed the javelin and relay races.  








The children were learning about the phases of the moon using oreo biscuits to demonstrate this.   By scraping off the oreo cream, the children were able to demonstrate the phases of the moon. The children found this lesson extremely exciting as they got to eat the biscuits after showing their understanding. 



Science - Phases of the moon

This weeks certificate was awarded to Blake for always trying his best, working hard and being a lovely member of our class.

Look at the amazing Christmas wrapping paper, tags and 3D decorations we have designed and made in our Computing lessons. We are taking them home to hang on the tree and wrap some presents.

Church visit to see the crib exhibition


Willow class were lucky enough to be invited to the church to look at the beautiful crib exhibition. There were over 100 cribs on show, from all over the world. They were very excited to find their own cribs, which they had made, and learn some historical facts about some of the cribs. 

Weekly assembly - This weeks certificate went to Felix for working hard and being a good friend in class. Well done Felix 😀



Our new topic is called 3D modelling. We have been designing and creating 3D Christmas decorations, using Purple Mash 2Design and make, to  hang in our classroom. Also, we are designing our own Christmas wrapping paper and tag. Have a look at some of our work.

We can’t wait to take them home to wrap some presents! 🎄 🎁 

Crib exhibition for St Leonard’s Parish Church

In RE, the children’s homework was to build and make a crib scene for the exhibition. All the cribs were taken to the church and will be display during December. Well done everyone 🎄⭐️

Longitude Science Investigation

In Science we investigated world time zones and how time is linked to the lines of longitude by using globes and atlas’s to support our learning.


Virtual assembly

This weeks award was given to Cleo for persevering with her spellings and trying to use them in her work. Well done Cleo, keep it up!




The topic is on multiplication and division. For the past two weeks, we have focused on factors, common factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. We have also learnt the meaning of these words.

Virtual assembly

The certificate this week went to Ike for being a kind and helpful friend in class. We celebrated George’s birthday. 


Today, the class looked at the effects of weathering and erosion. We looked at physical, chemical and biological weathering which we demonstrated. We discussed the different types and how this has changed our coast line.

Chemical weathering

Still image for this video

Physical weathering

Still image for this video

Biological weathering

Virtual assembly


This weeks award was presented to Jasmine for always working hard and gaining confidence in sharing her ideas in class. It was also Harry’s birthday today.


It was announced that so far we had raised £519 for Children in Need!


Children in Need

This week we are taking part in the unique programme of wellbeing activities called ‘Five to Thrive’, led by Joe Wicks. Each day we learn more about how to look after our wellbeing. The 5 areas are Connect, Take Notice, Get Active, Be Curious and Give. 

Also each day, Mrs Woodley delivers a 5 minute fitness session to Willow and Larch class. The children and staff are loving it! 

If you wish to donate to Children in Need, please use our just giving page below


Please click on the link below to try the Active 8 minute workout today.

Children in Need daily workout



We have moved onto a new topic, Online Safety. The focus this week was to gain a greater understanding of the impact that sharing digital content can have. We recapped on many terms, phrases and their meanings that we have encountered relating to the topic for example identity theft, phishing and digital footprint.

Fun at break time

Remembrance Day


Today we had a special virtual assembly with Reverend Griffiths and observed a 2 minute silence. 

This half term, the topic we are learning about is Earth and Space. 

We wanted to visualise the distance of the planets from the sun, so in groups of 3, the children each had a planet and to scale we measured each planet using string and chalk.

Virtual achievement assembly


This weeks certificate was awarded to Elliot for working hard and making a great effect in every subject.



Willow class were very excited to be able to use their cornets and trumpets for the first time. The children were split into 2 groups. They went outside to learn how to use a mouthpiece, where to place their lips and make a sound. After that, they placed the mouth piece into their instrument and began to make different sounds. All the children had an amazing lesson and can’t wait to take the instruments home tonight!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
This week, in Maths, we have started a new topic on Statistics. We recapped on how to interpret charts and compare information on different types of charts including bar graphs and pictograms. Today, we focused on reading and interpreting line graphs. 

Virtual Achievement assembly

This weeks certificate went to Lily for working hard in all subjects and sharing her ideas and mistakes in class! Well done ⭐️

The children who completed the Bikeability course was presented with their certificates along with a badge and booklet. Keep safe on the roads children!
The school were excited to hear which house was in the lead at half term. Here are the results:

1st place is Purple house with 462 points

2nd place is Orange house with 425 points

3rd place is Red house with 409 points

4th place is Blue house with 409 points.




The children enjoyed completing the 2 day Bikeability course which aims at developing their skills and confidence for cycling on single-lane roads and simple junctions with mostly moderate motor traffic flow. 

Weekly virtual whole school assembly


This week, we celebrated Elliot’s birthday. Harry was awarded the class achievement certificate for ‘really upping his game’ and working hard. Keep it up Harry!

Celebrating Harvest Festival, we collected food and money donation for the Gatehouse food bank charity in Bury St Edmunds. Thank you for your generous donations. 


This half term we have been studying different types of forces.  Children have learnt about how we measure force using Newton meters.  We also carried out several experiments to test the effects of air resistance by making parachutes and the effects of water resistance.  We also learned about famous scientists related to force and tested some of their theories.  It was a fun six weeks with lots of hands-on opportunities.

The children enjoying skipping as part of their fitness unit in PE.



We are now learning all about  l’ecole (school) including subjects and equipment. This week, we had conversations in French, with our partners, asking if they like a certain subject and replying with their likes or dislikes. Great conversations Willow Class.


This week’s class award goes to Daniel for working hard in all subjects. Keep it up!

In Computing, Willow Class are working on Coding. This week the children created their own program using the when swiped command and angles, friction and speed blocks.



We have been looking at topographical maps of the Grand Canyon with contour lines. We focused on the combination of colours, shading and contour lines that represent changes in elevation and terrain shape. Each child drew a Grand Canyon topographic map of what they predict it will look like in one million years.

Using the visualiser, Mrs Wilson demonstrated contour mapping, using a clay mountain and water with blue food colouring in. A piece of OHP transparency was placed over the top of the container. Gradually, we added 2 cups of coloured water to the container whilst drawing the shape of the mountain we could see each time.

P.E this morning was choreographing their own warm up, with focus on including warming up the relevant body parts.  The children loved doing this and teaching us their warm up ideas.  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In Geography and Art, we are learning about The Grand Canyon. We produced a piece of abstract art depicting the Grand Canyon, using original geographical symbols. With the background and symbols, we used various colours, brushes, sponges and paper.

We are now looking into the physical and human geography on one of the natural wonders of the world.

Willow Class weekly award went to Isabelle for her wonderful engaging writing. Well done, it was a pleasure to read your work!


We met our new teacher Mrs Chester. As a warm up, we listened and appraised Hey You! by Joanna Mangona. We discussed the style of music, how the song was put together plus more. This term we will be looking at the theme tune to 'Ghostbusters' and the pulse of music. We played the pulse challenge to see if we could move to the pulse (beat) aswell as playing Lets Dance. We had so much fun!

Virtual achievement assembly 18/9/20


Today we celebrated Alex’s birthday. Mannix was given the class Head teacher’s Award for working hard and giving some super explanations in Maths. 
Last weekend, Felix took part in The Suffolk Historical Churches Trust 18.5 bike ride raising money for his local church and others in Suffolk. He raised an amazing £405. Well done Felix, what a great achievement to celebrate with the whole school. ⭐️

Jazzercise PE Lesson - Working as a group, we have been looking at fitness and dancing and how we can move our body to enhance our fitness, how are heart rate is elevated when we exercise and the importance of warming up, cooling down and stretching. We discussed using major muscles when we dance, and using and the correct technique with each move. Breathing is an important part of controlling our exercise and performance and we did a breathing exercise. We ensured we worked at arms distance apart which would adhere to social distancing but also allowed us to have our own dance space. Our game was cut the cake and whilst we were playing we did lots of fitness moves.

Virtual Achievement Assembly

11th September

Today we celebrated Izzy's birthday.  Beth was given the class Headteacher's Award for working hard and always being ready to learn!  Jess received a special golden certificate and a cup cake for earning a golden token last term.  Well done to all 3 girls.

The whole of Willow Class also received a Headteacher's Award for making such a good start to Year 5. Keep it up everyone!


As a whole school, we are looking at ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers which is a transition unit aimed at allowing children to reflect and reconnect with school life.

Today we had our first virtual whole school achievement assembly with birthday celebrations.

Willow class enjoying being back at school.



Summer term

Home Learning timetables - Summer term second half.
Sunday 19th April 2020

Hi everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday and are not too full of chocolate! 


Over this week, Mrs Asker will be emailing each of you a login for the seesaw site where you will be able to add pictures and work that you would like to share.  


Also, each Monday, I will be adding a timetable of work for the week to this page.  This will mainly include English and maths activities for you to complete. These are the types of activities that we would be working on in school.  Hopefully, you will all be able to access these.  If you have a problem accessing the internet it would be useful if a grown-up could email school to let us know. 


Some of the activities have sheets that you can print off to work on and these could then be stuck into your home learning book.  If you are unable to print things at home, don't worry, just record your work straight into your home learning book.   If you find something really difficult, try not to stress, ask a grown-up for help if you can or look in your revision books.  We will go over things together when we all come back to school, so just do your best and find time to relax and have fun too.


Mrs Wilson

Purple Mash Blog - 2/4/20


I have today set up a blog - it would be great if you could have a look and comment on each others posts. To access the blog, after logging into Purple Mash, click on the green sharing tab which has a picture of the world on it. The second tab along is 'Shared Blogs' and you will see 'Willow Class Home Learning'. 


Mrs Asker

Purple Mash emails - 1/4/20

Just to let you all know Willow Class, I've sent you all an email on Purple Mash. You can use this function to send and reply to emails to/from each other as well as Mrs Wilson, Mrs King and myself so that we can all keep in touch! All emails will be approved by one of these adults so please remember our rules about online safety and our Computing code of conduct. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Mrs Asker

Computing - 1/4/20


Good afternoon Willow Class,


Please look at your Purple Mash account. If you'd like to do some Computing work for your home learning, I have today set you a 2Do to create your own database and write 5 question for your class to answer. 


Stay safe and take care,


Mrs Asker

28th March 2020

Hello Willow Class,


I hope you are all well and managing to keep busy and active at home.  It's certainly very quiet without you all! I am looking forward to sharing your scrapbooks and your news when we all return to school. 


I have added some fractions work on the Mathletics' site for you all to complete, just so you don't forget what we've been learning this term. Remember, there is help available on the site and in your red books.  I have given you until Monday 20th April to do this, although I notice that some of you have already started some of the activities smiley.


Also, just so we don't lose touch, I hope to phone each of you over the next few weeks to find out how you are getting on.  


Best wishes and stay safe


Mrs Wilson   

Home Learning!

Hello Willow Class. As we embark on our journey of home learning, I thought it would be useful to add links to websites which may support your learning. I will try to add to this list as I come across resources. Some website may require your parents/carers to 'sign up' so please ask them for their permission and help before you do so. - offer code is PARENTSTWINKLHELPS - link to the activity pack sent home - touch typing - Maths, Grammar and Reading activities - Maths - link to free ebooks - Art


Remember to have fun, keep active and stay safe!


Mrs Wilson


p.s If you can't tell the time, now is the time to learn!

World Book Day

This week at King Edwards, we cooked cheese biscuits for project 5.

Look at our amazing cakes the children made for our 30th birthday celebration.

KS2 had an amazing time at Snape Maltings for the Celebration concert. Here are some of the photos we took of Willow Class. Please look out for our fabulous display in the school lobby.

Snape Maltings performance

Still image for this video

This week at King Edwards, we cooked apple and cinnamon scones.

Cooking with Mrs Utting - this half term the children are making apple crumble.

This week for Project 5, we cooked lemon drizzle fairy cakes.

Please find below the music for Snape for the children to practise.


Willow Class rehearsing for our exciting performance at Snape Maltings.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

£5 Santa challenge


Years 5 & 6 have now completed the challenge set at Christmas in which Santa gifted each group £5 and hoped that they could strive to spread 'good cheer' with their money.

After displaying many entrepreneurial skills and completing a very busy week in school, we are happy to report on their success. 'Good cheer' has certainly been widespread; the pupils themselves have greatly enjoyed carrying out the challenge, from toast to raffle, their ideas were amazing; buying goods and trying their luck at different activities. Now the money they have raised will be donated to each groups chosen charity to spread the 'good cheer' beyond our community. With a grand total of over £750, these charities, listed below, will benefit from a share, alongside a letter from the group who raised the money.


We are very proud of the children's efforts and also thank you all for your support.


Kind regards

Mrs Sledge and Mrs Wilson


Charities are as follows:


  • Australia Koala Foundation
  • W.W.F
  • Cancer Research
  • Air Ambulance
  • Stroke Foundation
  • East Anglia Children's Hospice
  • National Autistic Society
  • Australian Bush Fires

This week for Project 5 cooking at King Edwards, we made pasta salad.

Our year 5 Road Safety Officers organised a ‘Be bright be seen’ non uniform day to help promote their road safety scheme. During assembly, our road safety officers presented a prize to one child from each class.

Willow and Larch practising for their music concert at Snape Maltings.

Still image for this video

Project 5 cooking - Cheese and courgette scones

Special guests enjoying their lunch today

This is an iMovie showing our amazing art work in activity 3 which has been created and published by one of our year 5 students.

Still image for this video

Project 5 cooking at King Edward - this week we cooked fruity flapjacks.

Cooking with Mrs Utting - each week a group of children develop their cooking skills. This half term we are cooking soft pretzels.

Some of the children have spotted their bulbs starting to sprout. Let’s hope they’re flowering for our 30th birthday celebrations!