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Multi Sports Premier Education Multi-Sport introduces children to a wide variety of sports, including basketball, football, cricket, dodgeball and tennis to name just a few. It's a huge, exciting session with more sports than you can kick a ball at. This course teaches the basic movement skills and techniques needed to enjoy these great, varied sports. Our coaches will also help children to understand the games themselves, explaining the rules, structure and scoring system in a clear and easy to understand way.


Boxercise is an excellent way for children to stay active.  It adds variety to their usual sports activity.  The benefits are as follows:

 Focus: concentration is required especially when using co-ordination and different combinations. Physically active children tend to concentrate better when facing challenges. 

Physical development: mobility, balance, hand/eye coordination and general fitness. 

Confidence and social development: Children will be training in teams or in pairs. This helps to develop confidence as well as their social and interactive skills.


It’s easy to understand why there’s so much interest in gymnastics. As a ‘foundation sport’, gymnastics uses strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance and has been shown to improve attention span.
It’s all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead a physically active and healthy life, full of sport and recreation. Its positive impact, physically and psychologically, is life-long, which is why it’s particularly appealing for head teachers to offer.


An essential part of training for all sports is learning to compete fairly and to win or lose with respect for other competitors. Children participating on this course will also learn to:

- Develop key skills and techniques of specific sports
- Develop the ability and attitude to compete fairly and ethically
- Use tactics and strategies to increase chance of success individually and in teams
- Understand the importance of healthy lifestyles
- Engage and interact appropriately with other children
- Improved control, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility
- Communicate appropriately and effectively with others
- Ability to follow rules and respect themselves and others
- Set realistic challenges to achieve