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Oak Class


This term our topic is Alaska.

Oak Class are looking at features of non fiction books and enjoying finding answers to their questions.

Oak Class 2019/20


Children in Oak Class had a challenge this morning. They had to estimate how much money was in the jar! The coins were then shared between the children to count and add together before we worked out who had made the closest guess!

Oak Class carried out their own investigation into the most absorbent material. They made predictions, recording their findings methodically and carried out an evaluation.

Oak Class have become experts on The Great Fire of London. Here they are creating their own version of London on fire!

Oak Class went on a Science walk around the village looking at materials and their properties

Children in Oak Class were excited to find an outline of a dragon in the playground this morning, together with bright, sparkly jewels, ribbons and material all scattered around. They set about investigating who had been in our playground and were delighted to discover a large, golden egg which they decided had been left by our mystery dragon!

On our return inside time was spent reading and finding out about dragons before the children thought that the dragon that had been to visit was a Draco Occidentalis! The egg is now in a warm, safe nest.

Curriculum Map, Summer Term

The children really enjoyed watching the Theatre Royal production, The Goose Who Flew and the follow up drama workshop. Here are some pictures of the children in action!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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Picture 8
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Picture 44

This afternoon children in Oak Class enjoyed a taster cricket session which they found a lot of fun!


In Science we are investigating how to keep healthy, devising exercises and thinking about ways to eat healthily. Today we made rainbow fruit kebabs which managed to tempt even the fussiest eaters!

Erupting our volcanoes!

Still image for this video

Oak class have been enjoying making 3D shapes and recording the properties of each shape they have made, including faces, edges and vertices.

The children in Oak class have been making their own volcanoes!

We have been impressed by record breaking domino runs, so decided to try and make our own this afternoon. We found they need patience, resilience, team work and creativity! Everyone was engaged and extremely enthusiastic!


Still image for this video
Finally, we had great success!

Curriculum Map Spring Term

In Oak Class we have been thinking about properties of materials and carried out experiments to find the best resource to make wings for our Christmas play, Operation Christmas.


We are beginning to understand what an algorithm is and that computer programs execute by following precise and ambiguous instructions.  In pairs, we took it in turns to read a shape algorithms using the commands forward, backward, left, right, move and turn. The child following the instructions had to guess what shape they were making.

Next, we wrote our own algorithms for different size squares and rectangles. We learnt new commands - left 90, left quarter turn, right 90, right quarter turn and half turn.

Last week Oak Class enjoyed their trip back to Victorian England when they visited Colne Valley Steam Train for the day.  We all dressed in Victorian clothes and watched Punch and Judy, listened to interesting talks about the signal box, the waiting room, and First Aid.  We also experienced life in a Victorian classroom with an extremely strict teacher!  Children in Oak class were very good at sorting mail on the Royal Mail carriage and were interested to learn about the Penny Black. Following a picnic lunch outside, we rushed to catch the steam train where we met Queen Victoria and her entourage! Later on we danced to the Organ music and were pleased to be joined by the Queen to whom we sang the National Anthem.  Finally, we returned to school tired but far more knowledgeable about life as a Victorian.  

In ICT, Oak class have been practising logging on to the computers using their own username and password, learning keyboard skills and having a competition to see who can locate the letters quickest.


If the children would like to practise their skills, please click on the link below:

Child Safety Week - Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2018


As part of child safety week we had a visit from Abbeycroft Leisure to talk about the importance of water safety and how to always following the SAFE code -

Spot - spot the dangers whenever you're near water

Advice - take advice, read the signs, ask a lifeguard or adult for help

Friend - always go with a friend or family, its more fun, and they can help in an emergency

Emergency - know what to do in an emergency


The children perform some rescues using jumpers, balls, ropes, paddles and woggles.

Oak Class went on a very sunny Spring walk and observed many creatures in their habitats.

Oak Class 2017/18

Linked to our topic, we have designed and made Totem Poles.

We all enjoyed a drama session which encouraged us to think of ideas for our fantasy story writing.

During RE the children learnt, then acted out the parable 'The Lost Sheep' before writing their own version of the story. (Photos were taken by members of the class.)

The children have enjoyed carrying out a scientific investigation where they were given specific materials to chose from to produce a house which is water resistant.  This afternoon they worked together in groups of threes with children who had chosen the same materials. It was great to see the collaboration and problem solving that took place. There were many interesting discussions and debates while the children predicted which materials to use and then adapted when necessary, their ideas to achieve their goal.  We have yet to test the water resistant properties!
In Oak Class during music we used the song 'In The Groove' to sing, clap and move to whilst finding the pulse. We then used Glockenspiels to accompany the song following simple notes on the interactive whiteboard.
The children are enjoying yoga in their PE lessons where a story is used to encourage a wide variety of movements.

The children really enjoyed visiting West Stowe where we went to the museum and the Anglo Saxon village and learnt more about life as an Anglo Saxon. We also managed time to play in the playground.


We have been thinking about ways of belonging to different groups, including families, schools, clubs  and religions. We decided to make our Oak village using lego working together to provide a school, playground, swimming pool, food and clothing shops, houses, cinema and camping area!


This term we have been finding out about the Anglo Saxons using the internet and information books. One day we enjoyed role playing the journey across the sea to Britain! We then wrote our own diary entry describing our voyage.

Sailing to Britain

We have been making Anglo Saxon villages and jewellery as well as shields!

In Science we have been looking at the changes in season  around the school environment and recording our observations.
Autumn Observations