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Many of our children will be looking forward to coming back to school, some may be a little nervous, this is a lovely resource to assist with their transition back to the classroom.
It's really hard to balance everything at the moment and give our children the attention they crave. Their behaviour is so often their way of communicating with you that they need something. The ELSA support website has some great ideas on how to support your child.
It's fair to say many of us are more anxious than usual at this time and its the same for our children. Attached below is a link to a course on the Creative Education Website. They run many useful online courses and often provide them for free.
The theme of this weeks Children's Mental Health Week is "Express Yourself". We will be suggesting lots of activities over the next few days and on Feel Good Friday. Here's a few different ways your child, or you, might choose to express themselves and how they are feeling.

What about you? You can only do this if you are looking after yourself too. Some self-care tips for adults.

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Ickworth Park Primary's Early Help Guidance

Helping your child with anxiety Information Pack