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Home Learning Letter

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Addition machines

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PE with Joe Wicks - every day on his Youtube Channel!

PE with Joe Wicks - every day on his Youtube Channel!  1

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds - helpful video for parents!

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language with these helpful examples.

Number Rhymes

Playdough Recipe

Audible Audiobooks 


Audible are now offering free access to hundreds of audio books for children. Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh are a few of my favourites! 


Membership isn't required - just visit the website and you can stream the audio books straight from there. 


I hope you enjoy listening! 

Our New Puppet Theatre!


Miss Pearson brought something to Sharing Time this week - a puppet theatre! We had so much fun performing our own plays and creating new characters and puppets. 





Reading Workshops

Spring 2 Learning

Tricky Words and High Frequency Words 


You may have noticed that your child has bought two extra things home in their book bags today - a list of 'Tricky Words' and 'High Frequency Words'. During this term Elm Class has been learning to read these words by sight. Below is a little bit of information about what these words are and why it's important for your child to learn them.


Tricky Words (also known as 'red' or 'exception' words) 

These are words in which the English spelling code works in an unusual way. Tricky words do not follow the common phonetic spelling rules children learn early on in their reading journey. These words will contain a sound which is usually pronounced a certain way and therefore does not seem 'right' when sounded out phonetically. In Reception, children are taught to read these words by sight. 


High Frequency Words (also known as 'sight words') 

These are very common words which appear in all of the texts your child reads. They make up a huge proportion of the words in the books we read, as well as what we write. High frequency words are made up of a mixture of phonetically decodable words and tricky words. By learning to read these words by sight (instead of sounding out and blending) our reading becomes much more fluent and also aids comprehension of a text. 



The word lists sent home today are for the rest of the year - please don't panic about learning them all at once! At school we generally introduce one or two a week but you will need to follow your child's own learning pace.


In Elm Class we use flash cards to aid our learning. We also play games of snap or bingo as well as exploring lots of other activities. Feel free to make your own flash cards or games to keep learning fun and interesting. You can also buy flash cards - Collins High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words are good quality and moderately priced, and can be found on Amazon. 


As always, please speak to me if you have any questions or worries. 


Miss Pearson 




Elm Class Special Friends Lunch 


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our special lunch. We had parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents and even great grandparents in attendance! 


Elm Class Spring 1 Learning

Elm Christmas Display


Elm class had a very messy week creating a Christmas display for Horringer Community Hall. We enjoyed experimenting with colour, texture and shape to create a beautiful collage of winter houses. 


We would love for you to pop down to the Community Hall to view our display in all its glory! 



Picture 1

Christmas Trip to Colchester Zoo 


Elm class went on an adventure all the way to Colchester Zoo on Monday.


We met a very special Christmasy character who gave us each a gift. We also learnt why it would be a terrible idea to ask the penguins to help pull Father Christmas' sleigh! 


We saw lots of animals including elephants, rhinos, zebras, parrots, an orangutan and sea lions. It was impossible to decide which one was our favourite.


Thank you to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to help us on the trip - we wouldn't have been able to do it without you. I'm sure we will all sleep well tonight! 




Preschool Stay and Play


On Tuesday Elm class welcomed our friends from Little Teapots and Horringer Preschool for a Christmas Stay and Play. 


It was a wonderful morning and we really enjoyed sharing our classroom and showing our new (and old!) friends how things are at 'big school'. 


We sang Christmas songs and made some beautiful Christmas tree decorations and cards.


We can't wait for the next visit! 


Reception Nativity!


Elm class are very excited about our Nativity production. Your child should have brought a letter home today detailing their role in the play and the lines they need to learn. If you haven't received a letter, please let me know and I will be able to provide another one for you. 


All the songs we will be singing during the production have been uploaded to our class page. The songs are quite short, and very catchy! We hope you can find a few minutes to practise these with your children.


Please let me know if you require any assistance with costumes or anything else Nativty related!


Miss Pearson 



Welcome (Vocal).mp3

Clip Clop (Vocal).mp3

Knock, Knock, Knock (Vocal).mp3

Warming Our Toes (Vocal).mp3

An Angel Appeared In The Sky (Vocal).mp3

Three Kings Were Riding (Vocal).mp3

Baby Sleeping (Vocal).mp3

Jesus Is Born (Vocal).mp3

Christmas trip to Colchester Zoo! 


Apologies for the confusing date in the original letter. To clarify - we are going on Monday 2nd December! 

Please ensure you have filled in the second page and dropped it back to the office by Friday 15th November. 





Elm Learning Autumn 2

Celebrating Diwali 


Elm class had a lot of fun this week learning about and celebrating Diwali! We were particularly proud of the rangoli patterns we made using chalk. We worked so well in our groups - organising where to put the patterns, which colours to choose and when to lift off the stencil to reveal the pattern! 




Reading Books! 


Most children will have brought a reading book and accompanying letter home with them today.

We are uploading the letter here just in case any got lost between the classroom and home! 


Elm Class would like to say a big thank you to Stacey from Mulberry Vets who came to visit us last week. We had an excellent time learning about what happens at the vets and how to look after our animals. 



Can you help us?


Elm Class would love to hear about your experiences as a vet/doctor/police officer/hairdresser/lollypop person (or anyone who helps in the community).


If you would like to help give Elm Class a real life experience of 'People Who Help Us' then please speak to Miss Pearson to arrange a time to visit! 



Junk Modelling 


Thank you to all the parents who have already sent in objects for our junk modelling box. We have been hard at work cutting, sticking and creating! 


A house for an octopus!


Our first few weeks in Elm Class

Our first few weeks in Elm Class  1
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  2
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  3
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  4
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  5
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  6
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  7
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  8
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  9
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  10
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  11
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  12
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  13
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  14
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  15
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  16
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  17
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  18
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  19
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  20
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  21
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  22
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  23
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  24
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  25
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  26
Our first few weeks in Elm Class  27

Welcome to Elm’s Class Page! 


It has been a wonderful two and a half weeks at school and everyone has settled in remarkably well. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers for making the transition to ‘Big School’ such a smooth and happy time for their children. 


The first Autumn term is well under way and we hope your children are enjoying their first experience of school. The first couple of weeks at Ickworth Park have been focused on getting to know one another (children and staff!) building meaningful relationships and finding out all about each child’s interests.


So far, we have been learning all about ourselves. It has been a great opportunity to share our likes and dislikes, as well as any talents or interests we might have. Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about and meeting the people in our community who help us and keep us safe. We have an exciting year of learning ahead! 


We are also part way through completing Baseline Assessments in Elm Class. These assessments are activity based and are used to check your child’s early literacy, maths and communication skills. A parents video about the Baseline Assessment can be found on the government website:


We look forward to sharing your child’s learning and experiences with you this year! 


Miss Pearson, Miss Holmes, Mrs Twyford & Mrs Barwise 

We have been practising for Sports Day and we are definitely getting much more confident now! Our 'Up and Over' is becoming much quicker and we are learning to take care when participating in the 'Egg and Spoon' race to make sure we don't drop the egg!

Singing Practise

Elm Class expressed a real interest in learning A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman and lots of members of he Class had asked if they could perform it in front of the whole class. We had a whole class discussion and it was apparent that actually the whole class would like to learn the song and we decided it would be a fitting end to the year to perform it in front of the whole school during singing assembly in the final weeks of term. Therefore, this week we began learning the words to the whole song. However, we have decided to challenge ourselves even more and learn the Makaton actions for the song too. We have been using the YouTube video by Singing Hands to help us learn both the words and actions and we are beginning to feel more confident with it. We look forward to presenting the finished product to you!

The goose that flew - Theatre Royal

Elm Class were treated to a performance by Theatre Royal of The Goose That Flew. We absolutely loved this and it received lots of dancing, singing and giggles throughout the show; as well as much discussion about what happened and what could happen next for the remainder of the day. 

International Yoga Day

It is International Yoga Day this week, so Elm Class have been celebrating by taking part in some short yoga sequences, flows and poses to make sure we are all ready and in the right mindset to begin the day. We have also been practising some short meditations to calm us down after lunch and refocus us for the afternoon activities. We have found it to be very relaxing and helps us regain our concentration after a busy lunchtime running around!

Paper aeroplane excitement

One of the children in our class is brilliant at making paper aeroplanes and has kindly been making them for all of us in the class. We were having such a good time throwing them and exploring how far they went that we decided to go outside and have paper aeroplane races where we could see whose went the furthest and nearest. Due to how much we loved this activity, we have decided to continue this next week and we are even going to learn how to make paper aeroplanes for ourselves!

Preparing for our next step

Preparing for our next step 1
Preparing for our next step 2
With it nearing the end of our first year of school, we have been discussing our feelings towards transitioning into Year 1 and how we felt before coming up to Reception. The words in blue represent how we felt when coming up to Reception and the words in green are how we feel about moving on to Year 1. We then discussed what would help us feel more confident about the transition and decided that if Mrs Turner knew a little bit about us all it might help Mrs Turner understand us and also would make us feel better because she would know what we like and who we are. We decided to each make Mrs Turner a card saying how we felt about going into Year 1 and telling her all about who we are. We now feel less nervous about our next big step into Year 1. 

Indoor fun!

Whilst some of the children have been enjoying the outdoors, others have enjoyed making collage pictures using gems, sequins, cotton balls, tissue paper and lots of other materials to create their own masterpieces. In the classroom, we have also enjoyed experimenting with the weighing scales and gaining a concrete understanding of ‘lighter’ and ‘heavier’ objects. Lots of us have found it fun to try and make different objects equal the same weight and carefully predicting what will happen when certain objects are added and removed. 
As the weather is beginning to finally feel like summer, we have been having great fun outside this week. We have been exploring play dough, paint, sand, water, construction to name a few. In the water tray we have been cementing our understanding of capacity, we have been exploring colour with the paint and how using different tools creates different effects, we also got to construct on a larger scale and some of us even decided to build bikes and scooters. With our new topic of Africa really taking off, we also had fun creating our Safari small world and thinking about the animals we would see on an African adventure. 

Sack Race

During our PE lessons, we have been busy practising all the different events for Sports Days. One of Elm Class' favourite was the sack race. Some of the other events we have been practising are the egg and spoon race, the obstacle course, running races and javelin. We are all getting very excited now to compete in Sports Day and our confidence has really grown as we have done more practise. We have also discussed how important it is to cheer on our friends throughout the school, regardless of which House they are competing for. Elm Class are very good at this and are extremely supportive, knowing the importance of taking part. Well done, Elm!

EYFS Summer Term 2

Attendance Bear

Elm Class have been working hard to earn the Attendance Bear and last week their hard work paid off and they received the Bronze Bear. Whilst some classes have constructed chairs for their Attendance Bear, Elm Class have been busy building Bronze Bear his own personal aeroplane. He even has his own television screen to keep him entertained on all those long haul flights! 
Elm Class were lucky enough to have some ducklings brought in on Friday by some very kind parents. We loved hearing about what the ducklings eat and where they live and we especially loved being able to Feel how fluffy they felt. 

This week in maths we have been practising recognising, writing and ordering our numbers to 20 and learning one more and one less than a given number. We are becoming much more secure with one less, but this is still a tricky concept for us to grasp! 


In Literacy, we have been continuing on with our Talk 4 Writing by practising writing the key vocabulary we will be using when we do our final write up next week and create our own version of the story ‘Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns’. We have also been practising the Phase 3 phonemes that we were finding tricky to remember and moving on to Phase 4 consonant blends to help us with writing CVCC words. 


We have loved learning more about how the Middle Eastern culture differs from our own and we have even been researching how Muslims celebrate Ramadan! We have started creating some of our own traditional Ramadan decorations, such as making a mosaic suncatcher ‘fanous’ (traditional Arabian lamp). 

We absolutely loved our trip to Banham Zoo, from the excitement of going on the bus to seeing our first animal (and of course the most important part of every day out: LUNCH!). This term we have been learning about: Australia, Rain Forests and reading the story 'Dear Zoo'. Therefore, we were particularly interested in visiting the Australian Paddock, the rainforest animals and seeing how many animals from 'Dear Zoo' we could find in Banham Zoo! 


Whilst at the zoo we got to see cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, kangaroos, lemurs, meerkats, monkeys, zebras, camels, sea lions, snakes, leopards, red pandas, emus and lots more! The giraffes were a firm favourite and some of the children even noticed how the giraffes don't bend their knees to drink water! We also loved getting to take a ride on the 'tiger train' around the zoo and found this very exciting. 


By the end of the day, we were all very tired after a long day trying to squeeze in seeing as many animals as possible!

Australian Party Food Tasting

After learning about Australia for the last half term, we decided to have a taste of some Australian children's party cuisine of Fairy Bread and Vegemite sandwiches! At first we were very sceptical of the fairy bread "you can't eat 100s and 1000s on bread!", but after we had a nibble it soon became a firm favourite with everyone in the class - even the teachers!. 


Next we tried Vegemite sandwiches and whilst a few of us thought this looked like chocolate spread, we soon realised that it definitely didn't taste like that. We were very divided about whether we liked Vegemite or not and we even did a vote to see how many of us liked it and how many of us didn't. We found out that 21 of us really enjoyed the Vegemite sandwiches, whilst 9 of us thought it tasted "very yucky!". 


After trying the different Australian sandwiches, we then incorporated this week's learning of WOW words so we could have a go at describing what the sandwiches tasted like. We came up with some super describing words which were then added to our 'WOW word' display, such as: smooth, crunchy, sweet, soft, gooey, sticky, and salty to name a few. 

Spring Term 1 Overview

Merry Christmas From Elm Class

Still image for this video

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Elm class have enjoyed getting to know their new friends and exploring the different areas of the classroom. They are gaining confidence and independence in selecting activities that they want to engage in and are forming strong relationships with both the other children and the adults.

Elm class have really been enjoying going into the hall for lunch and trying all the yummy food Mrs Evans cooks! They are remembering to use their manners to ask for the food they would like and have enjoyed the challenge of trying to cut up their food on their own before asking for help, super job Elm Class!

Elm Class have enjoyed creating their own class number line to 30, colouring in the letters being careful to not colour over the lines and helping cut the numbers out. They are very excited to show you which number they have coloured in, so make sure you come and have a look in the classroom!

Since starting 'big' school, Elm Class have been practising writing their name and developing their fine motor grip.

The children in Elm Class have all settled into their new school really successfully. Miss Holmes and I are so proud of how well they are doing both navigating the wider school community (a very big change for such little people!) and also with forming positive relationships with both the adults and children in their class and around the school. As this is the children's first experience within such a large school setting, the first half term is primarily focused on ensuring the children are as settled within their new class as possible. The first few weeks are concentrated on us getting to know each and every child and conducting Baseline Assessments so we can gauge an understanding of the children's interests and also where to begin their learning from. When these assessments have been finalised and we know the path the learning needs to take, we will then be adding a term overview of all the things we will be covering. However, please bare in mind this is Early Years and the plans will take different courses as the children's interests change and when good learning opportunities arise, so we may not always cover everything on term overview, but we definitely will cover more than is on there! 


We look forward to sharing with you all of the things your children get up to throughout the school year!